What Pesticides can Do to Farmers’s Crops

Pesticides are chemicals that kill pests. Farmers often use pesticides on crops to kill unwanted pests, including insects and rodents, to prevent them from destroying crops. Farmers choose chemical pesticides to protect their crops because it is economical. The benefits from using pesticides, in terms of crop yield, outweigh the costs of using pesticides.

When the first synthetic chemical Pesticides was developed the pesticide in 1939. It was DDT. It proved effective against the Colorado potato beetle, an insect that was destroying crops across the United States and Europe. Then many farmers use synthetic chemical pesticides, organic farmers sometimes use naturally occurring chemical pesticides on crops to control pests.

Farmers always use chemical pesticides to protect their crops. Insects such as beetles and worms can easily infest and destroy crops. Rodents also cause damage to crops both while they are growing and in storage. But using pesticides allows farmers to kill the pests without destroying their crops. Using pesticides can help a farmer profitably produce a crop in an area where he otherwise could not or to extend a growing season.


Pesticide use can help to extend the shelf life of a food or maintain product quality. In some cases, pesticides can protect human health. That is the case with organisms on plants that can cause toxins in the plants. Among those potential toxins is ergot, a fungus that infects some grains and produces a toxin. When eaten in sufficient quantities the toxins cause ergot poisoning.

Farmers use pesticides because they act fast, quickly knocking out pests before the pests can destroy much of the crop. In addition, many pesticides are broad spectrum so they protect crops against more than one pest, which saves time and money. Using pesticides is also less labor intensive than the biological controls used by organic farmers such as crop rotation, companion planting, hedge rows between fields and not planting large amounts of unbroken acreage in any one crop or plant species.

But pesticides can help to protect crops and it may remain in the plants when farmers sell them to people, these pesticides is not easy to remove if farmers used it too much during the growth of crops. So it is quite important to choose the vegetables and fruits without pesticides or too much pesticides on them. Too much pesticides on food can lead to a bad healthy to our body. If you are not sure to tell which kinds of food are safe to eat, you can use Greentest nitrate detector to test it, it will shows you the pesticides(nitrate) level in quickly time and shows you it is under the safe control or not.

Ways to Test Pesticides in Vegetables

Noadays many people concerned about their food supply as more unsafer case of food exposure to us. Expercially for pesticides in vegetables.Due to the Chemical growing of the plants, most of the fruits and vegetables are contain higher pesticides and nitrate than as usually. Thus cause a serious problem on our body healthy.


Many studies on whether pesticedes can be found in their vegtables and organic foods can be found in many countries. And many countries strives to keep the food supply safe by setting limits on pesticide use on foods. The Food and Drug Administration and United Stateds Department of Agriculture work together to establish safe limits of crop exposure to pesticides. And here we will share some methods of testing vegetables for pesticides. However, you can minimize your exposure to pesticides in vegetables by choosing and preparing foods carefully.


Methods to Test Pesticides

1. Testing Laboratories

Independent testing laboratories offer testing for pesticide residues in plant tissues. Plant material must be handled carefully and frozen as quickly as possible to prevent chemicals from being metabolized. They must then be shipped on ice to a lab. This kind of testing is only useful for vegetables that can be destroyed. It is also cost prohibitive, as testing starts around $100 per sample for a single contaminant. Many labs test only for suspected chemicals rather than generating a list of chemicals found in the plant materials. Laboratory testing is not a practical option for anyone except the commercial farmer.


2. Limiting Exposure

If you are concerned about pesticides on the vegetables you consume, you can take many precautions to limit your exposure risk. Organic produce is grown without the use of pesticides, theoretically creating pesticide-free vegetables. Chemicals used on long-tended agricultural plots can persist in the soil, but overall pesticide residues of organic produce are extremely low or non-existent. Eating a variety of vegetables also helps to reduce your exposure to pesticides. Vegetable variety literally spreads out your risk by introducing vegetables from different farms and plots that have received a variety of treatments.

3. Portable Pesticides Test Kit

laboratory testing vegetables for pesticides require cost-prohibitive and sophisticated laboratory equipment, however, you can use Greentest nitrate tester, there are many portable tools allow you to test pesticides for your food on the market. Greentest nitrate tester is work by testing the nitrate level of your food by inserting the prope to the foods you want to test and it will shows you the results in 3 seconds whether they are safe or unsafe. Actually, vegetables contain pesticides its nitrate level is higher than others. So by testing the nitrate level can know whether the food has pesticides on it.


Bedides test pesticides, you can choose which kinds of vegetables and fruits to eat, some vegetables are contain higher nitrate and pesticides. Carefully preparing vegetables that may contain residual chemicals and remove the pesticides for your vegetables by runing water, but do not use soap. Peel vegetables to remove any surface contaminants that may remain. Discard the outer leaves from cabbage and lettuce. Cooking can also break down residual pesticides that may have absorbed into the vegetable in trace amounts.

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The Effects of Nitrate to Our Body

Many of us may know that nitrate and nitrites can cause cancer, tumors and other diseases. And we are affarid of it. But do you know, in our daily life we found nitrate everywhere. Nitrates are found naturally in the environment — mineral deposits, soil, fertilizers, seawater and even the atmosphere — from which they enter the food you eat and the water you drink. In fact small amounts of nitrates won’t hurt you, But you need to control the intake of nitrate safe upper limits. In here, we will give a completed introduction of nitrate and what it can do to our body.


The source of Nitrate

Nitrate are found in the soil, water and atmosphere and also in our food like fruit and vegetalbes. Higher nitrate level may found in preservatives such as hot dogs and deli meats.Your body even makes small amounts of nitrates. If you’re sick or have an infection, your body produces more.

Nowadays, some food like vegetables and fruits may contain higher nitrate level than before.Fertilizers that contain necessary elements for plant growth are used for cultivating fruits and vegetables. However, misuse of production technology, usage of prohibited fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals, as well as an increased level of fertilizer concentrations in the soil can all result in a serious damage to your health. Of all the substances that are transferred to the soil from fertilizers, nitrates are one of the most harmful if consumed in excess. Continuous intake of food with a high nitrate content may lead to an elevated risk of serious diseases, which is also a representative food safety problem.

The Effects of Nitrate

our body converts nitrates from the food you eat into nitrites. And these nitrites combine with compounds called amines, producing cancer-causing nitrosamines. Foods containing amines include meats, fish, cheese, vegetables and wines. Foods containing antioxidant vitamins C and E block the formation of nitrosamines. Cooking or freezing foods can also reduce or inhibit some amines.
Nitrate can cause cancer problem. Most studies linking nitrates to cancer are from animal studies in which the animals were given extremely large doses of nitrates plus amines. Most people don’t consume such large amounts. However, a study published in 2011 in the “European Journal of Cancer Prevention” asked participants to fill out surveys regarding how often they ate processed meats.The results showed that people who ate more processed meats were more likely to develop several types of cancer, including stomach and colon. The EPA reports that conflicting evidence exists when it comes to whether nitrates cause cancer.


Nitrate can also cause Blue Baby Syndrome disease. You many heard blue baby syndrome in somewhere before. Yes, it was caused by high nitrate intake to the body of baby.Nitrites converted from nitrates change normal hemoglobin – the part of your blood cells that carries oxygen — into methemoglobin. Methemoglobin can’t carry oxygen, so your body becomes deprived if too much builds up. Infants are particularly susceptible because they convert twice as much nitrate into nitrite as adults. Infants exposed to large amounts of nitrate, usually from contaminated water used to mix formula, may develop “blue baby syndrome.” The lack of oxygen causes their lips, eyes, mouth, hands and feet to turn a blue-gray color. For this reason, the EPA has set limits on the amount of nitrate allowed in water.

Nitrate can cause heart disease. Nitrate is one of several metabolites in your body that reduces blood pressure and fights heart disease. It widens and relaxes your arteries, making it a useful medication for people experiencing angina, or chest pain. Scientists need more research to determine a safe amount of nitrate consumption for heart health benefits without increasing your risk for cancer and other diseases.


Control the Level of Nitrate intake to our body

We can not control the produce of nitrate, but we can control the intake of nitrate to our body, for our healthy, it is trongly recommend that when buying foods, check the nitrate level make sure they are in a safe control level.Greentest nitrate tester is a portable tool for you, it can quickly shows the nitrate level of fruits and vegetables nitrate level and shows you whether thay are safe to eat or not.

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How to Freeze Fresh Vegetables

In many cases we need to freeze our vegetables to  preserve the nutrition and can reduce the nitrate level.With the price of fresh produce soaring and continued studies on the dangers of pesticides, growth formula and food-borne illnesses, And we may buy many kinds of vegetables from our trusted store at one time, But if we do not preserve the buying vegetables, it will reduce many harmful substances such as high level of nitrate, so you’ll know how to freeze your fresh garden vegetables to keep in their nutrients and protect your healthy eatting.

Here is the video guides on How to Freeze Fresh Vegetables from ehow.

Guides on freezing vegetables

1. Wash and sort the vegetables. Remove stems and any bruised or off-color parts.

2. Cut or chop the vegetables into usable pieces. For example, slice carrots ¼ inch thick and cut cauliflower into 1 inch cubes.

3. Boil one gallon of water per pound of vegetables you plan to blanch at a time. Fill the cooling pans with ice cubes and cold water.

How to Freeze Fresh Vegetables
4. Lower the colander or net bag into the boiling water. The blanching time for each type of vegetable begins once the water has returned to a boil. Cover the pot and boil the vegetables until the timer rings.

5. Remove the colander from the pot using potholders and carefully place the vegetables into the ice water. Refill the colander with another batch of vegetables to blanch and cool. Change the boiling water if it becomes cloudy.

6. Place cooled vegetables back in the colander and allow them to drain thoroughly. Any excess water will form ice crystals.
7. Pack the vegetables into a freezing container and close the lid tightly. Label the container with the contents and the date. Freeze the container.

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How to Test for Nitrates in Drinking Water

Nobody can tell you wether nitrate is good or harmful to our body, but we can learn from many researches that high nitrate level to our body do harmful to our healthy like nitrate poisoning, cancer etc. You may know that many kinds of fruits and vegetables are have high nitrate content because of the farmers used large quantities of fertilizers. But do you know that there are nitrate content in our drinking water too?

It is sure that your drinking water contain nitrate too because of many reasons. For our healthy, it’s important to keep your drinking water free of nitrates. Nitrates are potentially lethal to human babies, horses, young ruminant animals such as sheep and cattle, and young pigs and chickens. Nitrates in the water they consume interfere with the babies’ and animals’ ability to absorb oxygen. Unlike chlorine, nitrates in water are tasteless and odorless.

Wondering how many level of nitrate in your drinking water? In here, we would like to share tips on how to test for nitrates in drinking water.Anyone can test for nitrates in their drinking water when equipped with the proper home test kit. It is crucial for homeowners on a well system to test for nitrates in drinking water in all wells on the property.

1. Test nitrate in water with nitrate test strips

If you have nitrate test strips you can use it to test your water nitrate level, you can buy nitrate test trips from anywhere and do as below.


Run cold tap water for three minutes prior to collecting a water sample in a clean 14 ounce container. Use the coldest water available from the tap. Then dip a nitrate test strip in the water immediately and remove as soon as it is saturated.Gently shake off excess water. Read your test strip according to manufacturer instructions after one minute. In general, a reading over 10 ppm of nitrate chemical compound is considered unacceptable. The test strip will have a color-coded guide that is easy to read and correlates to the ppm (parts per million) reading.

2. Test nitrate level in Water with Greentest nitrate tester

Greentest is a portable nitrate tester for fruit and vegetables, actually, you can use it to test your water nitral level too. Unlike nitrate test strips, you can test it anywhere and anytime.

Greentest eco radiation detector

Prepare a glass of water and then open the Greentest, simply insert the probe into your water and then it will shows the results. Note that as Greentest is made for fruits and vegetables, for testing water, you can choose fruits and then check the water nitrate results. Learn more about nitrate tester from our website and inquire now if you need to buy.


How to Detect Radiation With Radiation Detector

As we all know that our surrounding is full of radiation. If you’re interested in knowing the radiation levels in your home, work environment and other places, you can use radiation detector. This device tests the area around you for levels of radiation. It can show you if you’re exposed to normal levels or are in danger from high levels. Here is more information about how to detect radiation with a Greentest Radiation detector.

Using Greentest Radiation Tester

By knowing the radiation level of your surrounding, you can protect yourself whether your home or living room, working experience is safe to stay, thus protect your body healthy. There are many radiation detector on the market with a probe and smaller ones people tend to use for personal measurements. They will work in slightly different manners. Generally, you want to follow the directions for setting up the particular device that you have.

Greentest eco radiation detector

Reading the Meter

When you use your radiation detector, you will get the counts of the radiation events that the device picks up. Some Radiation meters will also show you the dose of radiation in the area. Some meters show you the results in analog while others are digital, and many give off click sounds to alert you to events.

If you’re testing a person’s exposure, measure the radiation level for a minute, and take note of the result. It’s a smart idea to check the count a few times and then find the average of the readings because the background radiation of an area can change over time. Take note of your reading each time you use the counter. The Greentest Eco Radiation Emergency Assistance Center says that a reading that is two times or more a decided-upon previous background radiation level would be contaminated with radiation.


Simple, Portable Geiger Counters

The portable pocket type of Geiger counter can be exceedingly easy to use without even fully understanding how they work. The Greentest Eco Radiation Detectors Dosimeters make it easy to take a radiation readings of your space, a person or your food or water. It is small enough to take anywhere with you to test something at work or while you’re out. To use this counter, you simply test the area and the display shows you green for a normal background level, yellow for a high one and red for a dangerous level. You are also able to see the radiation level so you have more information and it is  an easy way to know more about the levels of radiation in the areas where you spend your time.

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Why We Need to Test Nitrate in Vegetables

We all know that we should eat enough vegetables everyday or we may miss out on the vital nutrients that keep us healthy. Adding more vegetables into our diet can make us more healthier. However, some vegetables contain high levels of nitrate due to the miss growing or by large used of fertilizers , you can see more about 4 Tips to Avoid Nitrate in Vegetable and Fruit.

And high level of nitrate intake actually lead to nitrate poisoning. This doesn’t mean that you should stop eating your vegetables, but it does mean that you need to be cautious about what you eat and control the daily intake of nitrate amount. Luckily, at Greentest, we have a nitrate tester that can help you determine if vegetables are safe to eat or not and will show you the nitrate level of the foods you need to eat, thus you can control the nitrate level intake to your body to protect your healthy.


Where do high levels of nitrate in vegetables come from?

You may carious about why some vegetables and fruits are have high level of nitrate and some of them are not. It is because some farmers have to do whatever they can to grow enough vegetables to meet that demand. Sometimes, this leads to the use of nitrogen fertilizers, as it helps the vegetables to grow faster, but unfortunately, this can lead to unsafe levels of nitrate in the vegetables. Additionally, when vegetables don’t have the sunlight exposure they need, it can cause high levels of nitrates to occur.


Nitrate poisoning can be a serious problem, and research has proven that it can lead it cancer. Methemoglobinemia is a blood disorder that inhibits the distribution of oxygen throughout the body, and it is also caused by nitrate poisoning. Don’t take the risk! Ensure that you are providing yourself and your family with vegetables that are not only nutrient dense, but also safe to eat. Shop our nitrate testers online today, and please contact us if you have questions or concerns.

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How to reduce the harm of nitrite in food

Excessive nitrite in food is one of the causes of human poisoning, cancer and death. The problem of excessive salt in the food has aroused great concern of the scientific community.In order to prevent nitrite poisoning, in growing vegetables, nitrogen fertilizer application to timely and appropriate, in China’s largest wholesale vegetable market is rapid detection procedures, so we try to formal markets and supermarkets to buy vegetables, and make sure to avoid the excessive nitrate of vegetables. Here is a completed guide on nitrate in vegetables.

Family edible vegetables, but also pay attention to fresh, for storing vegetables with plastic bags, fastening the bag into the refrigerator, as soon as possible to eat; leftovers before eating to fully heated, in the heating process can oxidize nitrite. Should eat pickled foods, such as pickles, salted fish, ham and sausage, do not eat rotten food.

nitrate in food

Mg C900, due to higher studies have showed that the nitrate content of vegetables by boiling the nitrate content reduced by 60% to 70%. Nitrate is soluble in water and food with boiling water Cheuk can reduce nitrate content, and cut the more thin, the shorter, the more fresh vegetables, Cheuk good effect. In addition, the majority of antioxidants such as vitamin C, e and tea polyphenols have obvious inhibition of nitrosation reaction, take vitamin and urinary nitrite amine content decreased 60%. Vitamin E can prevent inferior saltpetre amine formation has anti-cancer effects. Ginger extract on nitrite has a clear role.

Mentioned above, the tea polyphenols on the human body has many benefits, tea contains large amount of tea polyphenol. A large number of studies show that N-nitroso compound in the synthesis of all kinds of tea were blocked, the higher content of tea polyphenols of tea, clear the role better. Under the same concentration of tea polyphenols of green tea extract liquid or fresh tea leaves leaching solution is better than that of pure tea polyphenol, indicating that green tea and fresh tea leaves as a composite system, the leaching solution in addition to containing tea polyphenol and vitamin C, carotene and reducing sugar composition of synergistic effect.

A study compared the green tea, oolong tea and other eight kinds of tea brewing under different concentrations of tea on nitrite scavenging. The results showed that the solid-liquid ratio of 1: 50 to 1: 100 for tea better concentration and scavenging effect on nitrite with the concentration of tea increased and increased. Most kinds of tea in the high concentration of lost scavenging effect, therefore, is to drink less tea. Such as the habit of drinking tea, it is best to drink Tuo tea or oolong tea.

To buy your food, you can use Greentest nitrate tester to check the nitrat and radiation level of it before buying them, make sure the nitrate level of your food is under the healthy control.



Food that in High level of Water Content

In hot summer weather, we will lager amount of sweat. And due to much sweat we will need to recharge our body water content, in fact,in addition to drink water, the source of food is quite important to supply body water content. Below is the list of food thant contain high level of water content. And here you can learn what kind of food that good your black hair.

High Water content of common foods:



Water content 96.7%. Cucumber is the best food for your summer replenishment and its moisture content is all the food in the highest. Cucumber can make a salad, can also be made into a dish. With cucumber, yogurt, mint and ice together to make iced drinks are also a good choice.


Water content of 95.6%. Usually, nutritionists are more willing to recommend high fiber vegetables such as spinach. But when it comes to pay, lettuce to a lot higher than they are. The lettuce sandwich or other entrees as a side dish to eat, when summer comes, is very healthy replenishment methods.


Water celery water 95.4%. Energy is very low, but it contains a lot of water and dietary fiber can effectively inhibit appetite. In addition, celery is also rich in folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin K. because celery contains a lot of water, it can neutralize stomach acid, effective in the treatment of stomach burning heat symptoms.


Water containing content 95.3%. The water radish very suitable for spring and summer to eat, it has a sweet and spicy taste, bright color and crisp texture, very suitable for eat together with other vegetables salad.


Water content of 94.5%. tomato is a good replenishment of food, if the grapes, cherries and other food with eating, replenishment effect will be better.

Green peppers

Water content of 93.9%. All fresh peppers contain large amounts of water, especially green peppers. Antioxidants it contains less than other peppers. If tired of carrots and celery and other vegetables salad, maybe green peppers can give you some change.

Is Nitrite good for the body?

We have recently heard many children because of eating excessive nitrite and lead poisoning death events, nitrite intake is carcinogenic, but in fact, nitrite, to a certain extent, is good for the body health?

We may heard that overnight food cannot eat, because of the high nitrate. However, vegetables in the refrigerator overnight and nitrous acid salt content can increase the number?


For research, we put the making food to refrigerator, the next day we found that the nitrate level is increased from 3 mg / kg to 7Mg / kg. In fact, the numerical completely is not up to the can cause the level of health concern.

The nitrite is created by vegetable enzymes or bacteria produce enzymes, reduction and produce. Vegetables absorb the nitrogen in the soil, easy to nitrogen to nitrate of vegetables, and then to synthesize amino acid and protein.

In all kinds of vegetables, and dark green leafy vegetables contain nitrate the highest, so people are most worried about they are not fresh after the producing of nitrite. Even more, it is also worried that nitrate in the human body is reduced to nitrite caused trouble, so it worked out for a day when the upper limit intake of nitrate.

However, these years of Science and news, people might have fond that nitrat in a sense, actually on the cardiovascular system is quite good. Nitrite itself is a very strong vascular expansion agent, it role in vivo can play to the vascular patency and improve blood flow, hence dietary intake nitrates, converted into nitrite in the body, for cardiovascular disease have positive significance.

Studies have shown that dietary intake of nitrates, beneficial to help the body to control blood pressure, a 2010 study found that the addition of nitrates in the diet, can effectively reduce blood pressure. For example, Westerners often suggest three patients drink fresh vegetable juice and so on, in fact, is not in order to supplement vitamin C, and to a large extent is supplement of potassium and nitrate.

Researchers to hypertensive patients taking different content of potassium nitrate, or give them taking different nitrate content in beetroot juice, found that use large amounts of potassium nitrate and taking a lot of beetroot juice as, can effectively improve the nitrite content in the blood, and actual effect of lowering blood pressure, this effect in male patients is more obvious.

Studies have found that taking nitrates can to certain drugs caused by damage to the heart of produce protective effect, play a protective role on the high salt diet caused by kidney damage. Sports nutrition research found, taking nitrate rich drinks can improve movement of oxygen uptake capacity, delaying fatigue in coming.

Why researchers is to use nitrate, rather than the direct use of nitrite?? this is because nitrate is safe and non-toxic. It will increase the blood vessels in the nitrite concentration, but did not reach the degree of nitrite poisoning caused. In healthy people of the stomach, it will not produce a large number of carcinogenic nitrosamines. If the direct use of nitrite per day reached a level of 1000 mg. It is more dangerous.

So if we control the nitrate intake to our body everyday, espercially for children and old man, it is no so dangers for nitrate itself. When buying vegetables, you can use nitrate tester to check the nitrate level, it will show you wehter the food in under the control of healthy level.