4 Tips to Avoid Nitrate in Vegetable and Fruit

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Vegetables and fruits are indispensable in our daily life, but if we don’t pay attention edible health, they will bring harm to our body healthy. Especially in hot summer, it will bring diseases if we eat the unsafe vegetable and fruit. And here for all of you, we conclude five tips on how to eat vegetable and fruits in healthy way.

1. Prevent Intestinal Pathogenic Bacteria and Parasite Contamination

Farmers use chemical fertilizers, farmyard manure etc when growing the plants. The bacteria and parasites on the fertilizers still has strong vitality on the plants. Most of these arvested vegetables and fruit are on the market without washing. We can often see cabbage, spinach and other residual stool trace or with a bad smell on the vegetables. Therefore, it is strong recommend washing raw fruitsand vegetables before eating in canse we may cause intestinal infectious diseases.


Epidemiological investigation confirmed that the disease is spread by the unhealthy vegetables, fruits . Now many people are afraid of  fertilizer growing vegetable and like organic vegetables. We must wash vegetables thoroughly before cooking, general after cleaning the bacteria can reduce less about 80%.And here are some tips on how to eat vegetable and fruit healthy.

2. Prevent deterioration of the decay and excessive intake of nitrite

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a certain amount of nitrate and nitrite, after storing for a period of time, water evaporation after the dry, under the action of microorganisms and nitrate conversion to nitrite. If the vegetables, the fruit epidermis have been damaged, canker, microorganism was easy to invade the, vegetable, nitrite content in fruit increased.Dry and deterioration of fruits and vegetables, whether human or animals after eating can occur nitrite poisoning. Not only that, if the food deterioration due to containing amines, it will produce strong carcinogens – nitrosamines, on the human body have potential hazards.


3.Prevent Pollution of Vegetables Caused by Sewage Irrigation

Sewage mainly refers to the discharge of industrial waste water and domestic water, industrial wastewater containing many kinds of toxic chemicals, such as phenols, cyanide, heavy metals, sewage often contain a large number of eggs and various pathogenic bacteria and various washing supplies a variety of harmful chemical substances, the water if not through the sound processing, it is used to as irrigation water, not only affects the growth of vegetables, but also to eat healthy harm.

Therefore, in the choice of vegetables, as far as possible to choose elevated crops, such as tomato, bean, cucumber and smooth surface of vegetables such as eggplant, pepper and so on to reduce pollution. To put vegetables should pay attention to choose without spot, no rust rot traces, vegetables fresh luster, after thoroughly cooked. If you want to some raw vegetables and fruits, preferably with light saline soak a few minutes the safest.


4. Prevent Pesticide Pollution

Pesticide contamination of food, there are many ways, but the most direct pollution is sprayed. Therefore, pesticide pollution of vegetables, fruits, on the surface of pesticide residual quantity highest, if you do not pay attention, often make a person anxious chronic poisoning. Family organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning have been reported.


In the purchase of food,be carefully, especially vegetables, leafy vegetables), if the surface is white or yellow spots of the dishes do not buy, because they may be immediately after spraying pesticides after picking, pesticide residue high amount. Buy vegetables best water fully after cleaning, then soak for a few minutes or longer time. By cleaning can greatly reduce the amount of pesticide residues in vegetables. The underground stem or vegetables such as potatoes and cucumbers, use a soft brush fully cleaned.

The pesticide residues are high in the surface of the fruit, for the sake of safety, or peeling as well.

At last, it is recommend we use Greentest nitrate tester to check the fruit and vegetable is safe or not before eating.



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