Which Fruits Baby Can Not Eat

Proper feeding some fruits to baby will help the growth and development, but here we kindly remind everyone, and not all of the fruit baby can eat. Here we will show which kinds of fruits baby can not eat within 1 year old.




Pineapple contains a substance called protease. Some side effects on human skin, blood vessels, such as. Allergy eating will cause pineapple poisoning, known as “pineapple disease. Special disease is children with developmental delays, light fat not long singly, and walk too late, talk slow.


Mango is a hot fruit, easy to get angry, premature to eat easily cause allergies.


Watermelon is a cold food, if the baby in a short period of time eat more watermelon, cause dilution of gastric juice, and digestive function is not fully developed, there will be severe gastrointestinal disorders, cause vomiting, diarrhea that poison, dehydration and acid towel life-threatening. If the baby diarrhea, temporarily feeding watermelon or less feed.

And in some cases should not give the baby to eat watermelon: 1, in the early cold should Shensi. 2 children suffering from kidney disease induced by renal insufficiency; 3, the baby mouth long aphtha.


Although the oranges are rich in nutrition, but it contains erythrophyll. If you eat too many oranges, may cause “phylloerythrin dermatosis”, abdominal pain, diarrhea and even bone disease. Therefore, children eat orange cap is four medium size of oranges.

At last, when feeding our baby fruits, remind you that to test the fruits safety, as most of the fruits have pesticides and nitrate level are high, which are harmful to babys. You may need nitrate tester here

How to Detect the Nitrate and Nitrite in Vegetables and Fruits

People’s requirements for food quality as standard of living rise ceaselessly and improve, in recent years, people’s food safety and quality problems have extensive attention. Nearly half a century, the rapid development of industrialization led to the chemical fertilizer production, greenhouse cultivation, hydroponics and soilless cultivation technique in vegetable, fruit production widely used.


Some vegetable growers in the pursuit of economic benefits, blindly use or misuse of these technologies, ignoring the vegetables and fruit nutrition quality breeding and comprehensive cultivation technique, resulting in vegetables, fruit safety quality serious decline.

Vegetable research, the residues of fruit nitrate and nitrite and other harmful substances, in the production, storage, processing and distribution in the process of detecting, monitoring and analyzing method and to provide a scientific and accurate, timely, impartial inspection data and means, strictly control the quality and safety of vegetables listed, to protect the interests of consumers and health are essential.

At present, there are many methods for the determination of nitrate and nitrite in vegetable samples. According to the different principles of measurement, there are three main kinds of methods, such as spectroscopy, electrochemical method, chromatography and so on.

Ways to detect Nitrate and Nitrite in Vegetables and Fruits

Laboratory Test:

1 instruments and reagents

(1) the main experimental instruments: (sk2510hp kudos); high speed centrifuge; electronic balance (fa2004); 0.45 m filter.

(2) reagent: nitrate standard solution (with n), concentration: 9 mg/l; nitrite standard solution (with n), concentration: 0.509 mg/l; 0.01 mol/l sodium hydroxide solution, activated carbon, ultra pure water and so on.

(3) samples: cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, green orange, pear, banana, Cherry Tomatoes and other seven kinds.

2 sample treatment

(1) sample: take fresh vegetables or fruit samples of about 10 g (accurate to 0.0001 g) in a mortar, grinding into homogenate.

(2) in 50 mL concentration is 0.01 mol / L NaOH solution the homogenate wash in a conical flask cover.

(3) ultrasonic extraction: 10 min under the conditions of ultrasonic extraction, static.

(4) centrifugal separation: pour the supernatant in a centrifuge tube, in speed under the conditions of 11000r/min centrifugal separation adsorption for 10 min.

(5): after centrifugation, the supernatant in the inverted in a small beaker, add the right amount of activated carbon to adsorb organic compounds in the extract, separation, colorless and transparent liquid.

(6) filter: after a 0.45 m filter collected in 5 ml into tube like, to be determined.

3 analysis method

IonPac as9-hc 4 mm of anionic analytical column, IonPac ag9-hc 4mm anion protective column eluent: 10.00 mmol / L KOH; flow rate of eluent: 1.00 ml / min; sample volume: 25 UG / L.

Portable chemical test tool

Another easy way is to use nitrate tester, this kind of tool can easily test the nitrate level in fruits and vegetables and fresh meat in 3 seconds, it is quite useful for us when buying vegetables in the market, test the samples before buying is a useful way to protect our family healthy eating.


Steps to use Greentest Nitrate Tester:

1.Choose the fruit/vegetables category you need to test.

2. Insert the probe and press start test.

3. Get results in 3 seconds it will shows you the normal or caution remind.


9 Major Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in nutrition, usually tomatoes will bring you a lot of unexpected benefits. Tomatoes contain rich vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, rich thiamine, niacin, phosphorus and copper. These are the substances needed to keep the body healthy. The biggest advantage of tomatoes is its cholesterol, saturated fat, sodium and calorie content is very low. You can add in your sandwiches, salad, sauces, ice fruit juice and soup with tomatoes. Please see below, you’ll love every day to eat tomatoes.


1. Improve vision

Tomatoes are vitamin A and vitamin C of the very good source which can improve your eyesight and prevent nyctalopia. Recent studies show that eat vitamin a high content of tomato can help prevent macular degeneration, which is a serious eye disease. In addition, the tomato can lower your risk of cataract risk. Tomatoes are also a good source of phytochemicals with antioxidant, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin. These can protect your eyes from damage caused by light stimulation.

2. Prevention of cancer

According to an article: Research in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute showed that eating more tomatoes can prevent prostate cancer. Tomatoes can also help to reduce some other cancers, such as gastric cancer, lung cancer, cervical, pharynx, larynx, oral cavity, rectum, colon, esophagus cancer and ovarian cancer risk. This is because tomatoes contain rich to the antioxidant lycopene. If you want to improve the anticancer effect of tomato, you can use olive oil to cook, the effect will be better.

3. Improve skin

Eat tomatoes regularly can make your skin look more detailed. Tomatoes contain lycopene element is a good antioxidant, can protect your skin from sun damage. Ultraviolet light can cause wrinkles, and you can with tomatoes in the treatment of acne and skin rashes and reduce large pores. It can make your skin to ultraviolet light less sensitive. You can with tomatoes in the treatment of acne and skin rashes and reduce the coarse pores. In your skin dark heavy place clean tomato paste, can restore a healthy color.

4. Lower blood sugar

Tomatoes contain very little carbohydrate, it will help to reduce the level of blood glucose. Tomatoes also contain chromium and fiber, the former is beneficial to control the blood glucose level, the latter is beneficial to prevent blood glucose levels are too high. Some studies have found that tomatoes contain powerful antioxidants can protect the circulation of the blood and kidney. These places are often affected by diabetes.

5. Improve sleep

Tomato is a tomato red element and vitamin C rich sources can help you sleep better. So, if you have trouble falling asleep, you can consider the tomatoes to your daily diet. You can in your soup or salad add tomatoes, or in your smoothie put a tomato.

6. Keep your bones healthy

Tomatoes contain vitamin K and calcium helps to maintain bone health. Therefore, eating tomatoes will help to strengthen and repair your bones. And it has been shown that, the antioxidant lycopene element can be improve bone mass and prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a serious disease, can lead to the fracture, bone deformities, and disability.

7. Relieve chronic pain

Because carotenoids and the presence of flavonoids of anti-inflammatory agents, tomatoes can be chronic pain relief. Often suffer from mild or moderate pain, usually of inflammation. Studies have shown that, drink a cup of tomato juice every day can reduce blood TNF alpha induced inflammation, about 34%. Therefore, tomatoes on those benefits have chronic health problems, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Good to your hair

Tomatoes is also very good to your hair. They are rich in vitamins and iron, to make your hair more strong, can even let your damaged and no angry hair shiny. In addition, the tomatoes have a certain amount of acid, can make hair pH balance. If you head skin itching and dandruff, shampoo, pour fresh tomato sauce on your hair and scalp, 4 to 5 minutes. Rinse with cold water or warm water. But do not be too frequent use tomatoes, because of their acidity can make your hair becomes dry.

9. Helps to lose weight

If you want to put the extra weight lose, to ensure that every day you will tomatoes into your bowl of rice. They are low in fat, and contain no cholesterol. The tomato contains rich in fiber and water, so they will make you feel full, without the extra calories intake. You can eat raw tomatoes or add them to your casserole dish, salad, slimming and other packages.

Eat tomatoes every day, whether it is fresh, dried, stewed, jam or juice, will be good for your health. Do you like tomatoes? Do you know how good they are to health?

Not to Drink Processed Fruits and Vegetables Beverge


As we all know that, fruits and vegetables are good to our body healthy, and eat them every day can keep our body. Espercially fresh vegetables and fruit is very helpful for our body to remove the toxins.  But we may see that there are many drinks on the market which made by processed fruit and vegetable,  the effect of these kinds of drink is just the opposite, it will affect the discharge of toxic substances.

Fruit and vegetable juices in the process lost a lot of dietary fiber, dietary fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system is very important, in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases can also be diluted and accelerate gastrointestinal carcinogenic compounds and toxic substances discharged. While missing less dietary fiber in fruit and vegetable juices instead will affect the discharge of toxic substances.



How many pesticide residues on the fruit

According to the U.S. Department of agriculture, food and Drug Administration in 2000~2009 years up to 5100 times of cleaning, peeling test, get some specific data. For example, after washing an apple, the pesticide residue ratio was 97.8%.

The United States Department of agriculture (USDA) a pesticide data program is a year of vegetables and fruits of pesticide residues, from 1991 began. The project, the annual inspection of the sample volume from the original more than 7000, to more than 1 million in 2000 and increased year by year.


PDP detection of pesticide residues is to assess the amount of the American diet intake of pesticide, rather than to determine whether qualified food. Can detect pesticide residues are closely related with the detection technology. Detect residual doesn’t mean the food is harmful to our health. Rumors are listed in the “pesticide hazards” does exist, but left the dose about harm completely pointless. We need to pay attention to is: Pesticide Residues in fruits and vegetables, bring much risk?

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to a variety of pesticides in food residues established limits. According to the definition of limit, no more than this standard of pesticide residues, the health risks can be ignored. If the PDP detection value exceeds the standard limit, or to detect the EPA has not yet of standard of pesticide, the PDP will be informed to the food and Drug Administration (FDA).

As mentioned before, detected pesticide residues is not the same as the ranking of health risk.Ewg completely ignore this factor, with a “you” and “no” or “more” and “little” such a simple classification, and can not objectively reflect real situation of pesticide residues in these fruits and vegetables and health.

So it is highly suggested that you should clean your fruits before eating, if possible, use Greentest nitrate tester to test whether is unsafe substance level is under the healthy control.

Harm of Pesticide Residue and its Detection Method

Pesticides in food, vegetables, fruits, fish, shrimp, meat, eggs, milk, causing food pollution, can do harm to people’s health.

General organic chlorine pesticide metabolism in the human body is very slow, long accumulated time. Organic chlorine in the human body remains mainly concentrated in the fat.  Such as DDT in the human blood, brain, liver and adipose tissue in the proportion of 1:4:30:300; Di agent for 1:5:30:150.

Because pesticide residues are very harmful to human and biological, all countries have strict management of pesticide application, and the amount of pesticide residues in food is regulated. Such as Japanese pesticide registration system, once confirmed that some pesticides harmful to people and animals, the government will restrict or prohibit the sale and use.

For the detection of pesticide residues, we have used in conjunction with professional residual pesticide test instrument to detect, to governments at all levels of vegetables testing center, bazaars, supermarkets, environmental protection, vegetable planting base of hotel and other units of pesticides in vegetables and fruits by strict residue determination.


Learn More Nitrate Tester


How to remove pesticides in vegetables

Vegetable is a good source of  human vitamin intake, and espercially in fresh vegetable, there are more nutrition good to our healthy. But now the concern is vitamin rich vegetables although is good for the body, but there are some pesticides on the vegetables , so when buying vegetables we are worried about whether there was residual pesticides. How to clean the pesticide residues in vegetables? Here is a simple and effective way for you.


1. Dry vegetables in the sun

Mostly organic phosphorus pesticides, carbamate pesticides, and these pesticides are volatile, volatile in the sunlight. After picking vegetables, stacked together, the transportation, the poor ventilation and not easily by sunlight, so it is best to dry your vegetable in the sun before cooking  decrease with the volatility of pesticide residues. Of course, there are people who are worried about the loss of nutrients in the sun.

2, Clean Vegetables with alkali

When cleaning vegetable in the water , it is suggested add a small amount of baking soda or alkali powder, the amount of soaking, can play a very good cleaning effect.

3. Use vegetable washing agent

There are already have a lot of vegetable washing agent on the market,but it is best to carefully choose this kind of washing agent, and sometimes when it is hard to remove the pesticides in your vegetables, you can use some of these washing agent to help you. Remember not to use it everytime as not all the washing agent is good to remove.

4. Peeled, brush your vegetables

Vegetables such as bitter gourd can be used in other ways, such as peeling and using tools such as a soft brush to clean.

5. Boiled vegetables

Under the condition of high temperature can also remove part of the pesticide, such as celery, broccoli and other vegetables, boiled with boiling water can be a lot of pesticides.

When buying vegetables, it is suggested that you can use nitrate tester to test vegetables, check them whether they have high amount of pesticides, often when it contain of pesticides its nitrate level will be high and this kinds of nitrate tester can be test and show the vegetable is safe or unsafe to eat.


Tips on Buying Fresh litchi

In summer, litchi is the most popular fruits in season one, not only it looks nice, sweet and delicious taste, but also it can gladden the heart and refresh the mind.  litchi contains high nutritional value but note that you should not eat too much in one time. Here are tips to buy and eat lychee you should need to pay attention to.


Tips for Buying litchi

1.  Have a look at litchi head. If litchi head is sharp and epidermal “nail” intensive degree is relatively high, it shows that litchi is not mature enough; otherwise it is a ripe litchi. Second, look at the shell, turtle lobes flat, sutures significantly. This lychee is wonderfully sweet, do not believe you try! Really fresh litchi from the appearance, the color is not very bright, dark red with green, no peculiar smell.

2. By hand touch, grip in the hands of lychees, it  should be hard and elastic, poke the pericarp, the inside of the membrane should be white, if there is a black spot, indicating a long time already.

3. Smell.  Fresh litchi has a fragrance of the taste, if there is a sour or other flavor, that is not a fresh litchi.

4. Taste, the fresh litchi its juice should be elastic, inviting fragrance, sweet and delicious.

Attention to eat litchi

1. Eat Litchi with empty stomach

Fresh litchi are high in sugar, eat them with   empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa, stomach bloating. And fasting edible excess body as a result of a sudden high excess sugar, and the occurrence of hyperosmolar coma “.

2. Eat a great quantity of Litchi

Eating a lot of litchi and eat very little, easily lead to unexpected hypoglycemia, dizziness, thirst, nausea, sweating, stomach ache, flustered wait for a phenomenon, serious will occur in a coma, convulsions, arrhythmia, etc.. These symptoms are sudden hypoglycemia after eating a large amount of litchi.



Which kind of Vegetable can Resist Aging

Some kinds of vegetables can help you look more beautiful.  Eat right, look younger — it’s as simple as that.

1. Balsam pear

Balsam pear also know as bitter gourd which win people’s special love.Balsam pear nutrition and health characteristics is: first, it contains more vitamin C, vitamin B1, and alkaloids; secondly, balsam pear contains galacturonic acid and pectin are also more. In bitter gourd bitter sources in alkaloids quinine. These nutrients has promote appetite, diuresis, promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and refreshing effect.

Balsam pear

Modern scientific research found that balsam pear in the “multi-peptide-p” material is a kind of insulin and blood glucose lowering effect. American scientists have found, balsam pear contains a protein lipid substances, can stimulate and enhance animal immune cells devour the ability of cancer cells, it can with alkaloids quinine together in the body play anti-cancer effect.

Although the bitter gourd, but eating bitter taste of cool, refreshing non greasy and summer consumption effect of Qingxin appetizer. Is important, it doesn’t put bitter to the “others”, such as with balsam pear broiled fish, braised fish, the fish never touch bitter. So bitter melon dish “gentleman” nickname. The bitter bubble made of herbal tea drinking in the summer, Dunjue people Qingshu Shenyi, polydipsia all disappear.Bitter gourd is bitter, but bring people is sweet – health and happiness.

2. Tomato

It is said to hundreds of years ago, tomato is still unknown. Later, Peru has a girl, suffering from anemia, coupled with a painful breakup, she want to eat a poisonous plants from as, who knows she eats the tomato fruit later, face be suffused with red, eat, and become more ruddy, she not only didn’t die, but restored to health, become more beautiful.


Tomato fruit contains rich protein, fat, carbohydrates, Jong acid, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, which can be beauty of the vitamin C content is equivalent to 10 times of watermelon, is simply a vitamin warehouse. It also contains promote the growth and development of the teenagers of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, and inhibition of bacterial growth lycopene and so on.

In recent years, scientists have discovered, tomato also contains an anti-cancer, anti-aging substance — glutathione. Clinical scientists determined that, when the rise of the concentration of glutathione in the human body, cancer incidence rate decreased significantly. So eat more tomatoes, effective prevention of uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and diseases. At the same time, the consumption of tomato can postpone some cell senescence, lower blood pressure, prevent nyctalopia, bleeding gums.

The benefits of eating tomatoes have long been recognized in developed countries in Europe and America, almost every family to eat tomatoes.

It is suggest that before buying or cooking such kinds of vegetable, use nitrate tester to test their safety as not all vegetable are organic and safe to eat, they may contact pesticides.



With Adhesive Tape Packaging of Vegetables and Fruits Formaldehyde Exceeded 10 Times

People often go to the supermarket to buy food may be found that a lot of fresh vegetables are wrapped in colorful tape, in this regard, some news reported that the packaging of vegetables formaldehyde exceeded 10 times!

Adhesive Tape Packaging of Vegetables

Experts pointed out that part of the supermarket used basic industrial tape to pack the food, this tape containing benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances. Therefore, he suggested that consumers try to peel and cut off, or remove the the fruit or vegetables by direct contact tape.

Many vegetables in a supermarket District sell spinach found that Chinese cabbage, cucumber and other vegetables, are packed by purple or green tape,some price tag directly attached on the vegetables.

With adhesive tape bundled vegetables, fruit phenomenon is very common, it is mainly for the convenience of customers to choose and buy, looks more beautiful and tidy.

Industrial tape containing benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances, not suitable for food packaging materials, in addition to the surface of the tape printing ink benzene substances through the skin of vegetables vegetables to the interior of the migration, the gum base portion of the plastic itself often contains a plasticizer.

We make a test on these kind of vegetables, results show that, contact with the tape of  some vegetables formaldehyde actually exceeded ten times. Therefore, the expert points out, long-term consumption of these fruits and vegetables, will produce toxic side effects of digestive system and liver and kidney function.

So when buying vegetables and fruits, it is suggested that not to buy the packing one or remove the one which contacted by this kind of tape. And we remmend you to use nitrate tester to test the food is safe or not before cooking them.

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