Benefits of Eating Corn

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Corn is rich in vitamin C, etc. It can help you extend life span, make you more beauty, good at your eyesight, prevention of coronary heart disease and hypertension etc.. The nutritional value of corn is very high. The uutritional of corn as following:

Prevent heart disease and cancer

In the year long study, the experts compared of corn, rice, wheat, and so on a variety of staple food, nutritional value and health effects. It was found that the dimension of corn in vitamin content is very high,  is the rice and wheat 5-10 times.



At the same time, corn contains a large number of nutritional substances also let experts surprised. In addition to containing carbohydrates, protein, fat, carotene, corn also contains riboflavin, vitamins and other nutrients. These substances to prevent heart disease, cancer, and other diseases have great benefits.

The study also showed that special corn nutritional value is higher than common corn. For example, sweet corn protein, vegetable oil and vitamin content is 1-2 times higher than normal corn; “life element” selenium content is 8-10 times higher; it contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 13 species than ordinary corn. In addition, fresh corn moisture, active substances, vitamins and other nutrients are also much higher than the old mature maize, because in the storage process, the nutrient content of corn will decline rapidly.


Each 100 grams of corn can provide nearly 300 mg of calcium, almost with the dairy products contained in calcium almost. Rich calcium can play the effect of lowering blood pressure, if the daily intake of 1 grams of calcium, 6 weeks after the blood pressure can be reduced by 9%. In addition, contained in corn carrot pigment, is absorbed by the body can be transformed into vitamin A, it has anti-cancer effect; plant cellulose can accelerate the carcinogenic substances and other poisons discharged; natural vitamin E is a promote cell division, delay aging, reduce serum cholesterol, prevent the function of skin lesions, but also reduce the arteriosclerosis and cerebral functional decline.

Researchers pointed out that corn contains the corpus luteum element, zeaxanthin can fight aging eyes.  What’s more, eating corn can inhibit cancer drugs on the human side of the body, stimulate the brain cells, enhance the human brain and memory.

Protect eyesight

According to a study of Harvard University in 1994, the United States medical school and many research center to work together, uptake higher amounts of the corpus luteum prime and zeaxanthin, reduce the risk of age-related macular lesions in the probability of 43%. Corn contains lutein, zeaxanthin, especially the latter content is abundant, so corn to say is an excellent anti-aging eye supplementary food.

Reduce cholesterol

American researchers in the study also found that regular consumption of corn bran and corn oil is very beneficial to reduce the body’s cholesterol. They had selected an average age of 55 70 elderly, the cholesterol content of 50 men and 20 women, these people are relatively high hospitalized and treatment time are more than 2 years and effect is not ideal.

The researchers put corn after fine ground research, and assist with garlic powder, black pepper, celery and other condiments, with tomatoes or soup to reconcile into food, test of one and a half months per person per day to eat 20 grams, after a half months each day to eat 40 grams, after three months again after inspection found 70 people in the blood triglyceride decreased, 60 individual cholesterol reduced.

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