3 Criteria for The Health of Children’s Diet

As a parent, you know kids about healthy eating There criteria?? margarine, cake, cookies, chips and other food in a large number of trans fatty acids, sweets, desserts, sweet drinks “quick release” sugar, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, preserved fruit, soy sauce with benzoic acid as preservatives, there are a lot of artificial synthetic pigment. The more bright enough in the taste of the food, more is the enemy of the healthy growth of children.


1. Should not eat colorful food preservatives and pigments children must be avoided.

There are many kinds of preservatives, some of which may be caused by allergies, loss of appetite, growth retardation; serious, long-term consumption may even lead to liver, kidney function is damaged or carcinogenic. Such as benzoic acid, although it is legal food additives, but excessive or long-term intake may affect liver function. Carbonated drinks, fruit juice, preserved fruit, soy sauce used benzoic acid as preservatives. Artificial synthetic pigment may cause the child hyperactivity, learning disabilities.

2. Beware of high oil food

Excess fat, not only easily lead to obesity, causing many chronic diseases, causing cell disease, affect the reproductive capacity. In addition, more need to pay attention to is trans fatty acids. This fat will not only increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, colorectal cancer. Australian research discovery, trans fat will also affect the child’s IQ, common in margarine, cake, cookies, chips and so on. Let the children eat greasy food, such as cream cakes, cookies, fried chicken, and so on.

3.Refuse to carcinogenic Food

Improper diet food, may let the child at the risk of cancer, so let the child eat carcinogenic food. The nitrite and aflatoxin is easy to eat carcinogens, to be especially careful. Taiwan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Director of clinical toxicology Department Lin Jieliang pointed out that many the study found that children once a week to eat more ham, bacon, sausage, Bacon, hot dogs and other food containing nitrite, leukemia could increase the risk of aflatoxin 70%. may induce liver cancer, in humid climate, improper storage of peanuts, corn, and other cereals, are easy to produce. And nowaday, there are many fruits and vegetables are not so organic and there are full of harmful substance inside because the large amount of fertilizers. So it is esential to check nitrate lever with nitrate tester to make sure the food are safe to your kids.