6 Kinds of fruits can be hangover

What kind of  food can help to hangover after drinking?  During our working life, there are a lot of parties to socialize, drinking is inevitable, how to hangover after drinking is very important to reduce harmful. Today, we share some kinds of fruits thant can help you hangover after driking.


After drinking, even if not drunk, but mouth alcohol also a long time can not be dispersed. This time you as long as the grapefruit in small cubes, and then dip sugar to eat. You can help restore your breath of fresh air, you are in high spirits.



Ever feel physically weak after a night of drinking? You’re not imagining it—your muscles really pay the price when you overdo it. If you’re feeling a little shaky after a night of drinking, reach for a banana to help restore your body’s potassium levels and improve muscle function.

Tomato Juice

Organic tomato juice can send a natural jolt of vitamins and minerals into your alcohol-ravaged body, but that’s not its only perk. Tomato juice hydrates, and just like honey, the fructose in the juice will help flush out lingering alcohol.

Prickly Pear

This cactus fruit possesses mega anti-inflammatory agents that can help offset the damage done by drinking alcohol. Researchers at Tulane University discovered that drinkers who took prickly pear cactus extract five hours before drinking had 50% fewer hangover symptoms compared with drinkers who went without the extract. You can eat prickly pear as a fruit or in the form of an extract capsule, or drink prickly pear tea to help prevent a hangover.


Of course the general meeting will have orange juice, so personal advice if not drink is orange instead. And if you have drunk, it is better to use fresh orange juice, or directly to eat two pieces of orange will refresh you.


If you often drunk, it is recommended that you usually prepare some fruit, of course, made the water simmer in water, the effect is quite good.


Finally, Kindly remind that when buying fruits from market, it would be better if you check the pesticides and nitrate level with Greentest nitrate tester before picking up them.

Which Fruits Baby Can Not Eat

Proper feeding some fruits to baby will help the growth and development, but here we kindly remind everyone, and not all of the fruit baby can eat. Here we will show which kinds of fruits baby can not eat within 1 year old.




Pineapple contains a substance called protease. Some side effects on human skin, blood vessels, such as. Allergy eating will cause pineapple poisoning, known as “pineapple disease. Special disease is children with developmental delays, light fat not long singly, and walk too late, talk slow.


Mango is a hot fruit, easy to get angry, premature to eat easily cause allergies.


Watermelon is a cold food, if the baby in a short period of time eat more watermelon, cause dilution of gastric juice, and digestive function is not fully developed, there will be severe gastrointestinal disorders, cause vomiting, diarrhea that poison, dehydration and acid towel life-threatening. If the baby diarrhea, temporarily feeding watermelon or less feed.

And in some cases should not give the baby to eat watermelon: 1, in the early cold should Shensi. 2 children suffering from kidney disease induced by renal insufficiency; 3, the baby mouth long aphtha.


Although the oranges are rich in nutrition, but it contains erythrophyll. If you eat too many oranges, may cause “phylloerythrin dermatosis”, abdominal pain, diarrhea and even bone disease. Therefore, children eat orange cap is four medium size of oranges.

At last, when feeding our baby fruits, remind you that to test the fruits safety, as most of the fruits have pesticides and nitrate level are high, which are harmful to babys. You may need nitrate tester here

How many pesticide residues on the fruit

According to the U.S. Department of agriculture, food and Drug Administration in 2000~2009 years up to 5100 times of cleaning, peeling test, get some specific data. For example, after washing an apple, the pesticide residue ratio was 97.8%.

The United States Department of agriculture (USDA) a pesticide data program is a year of vegetables and fruits of pesticide residues, from 1991 began. The project, the annual inspection of the sample volume from the original more than 7000, to more than 1 million in 2000 and increased year by year.


PDP detection of pesticide residues is to assess the amount of the American diet intake of pesticide, rather than to determine whether qualified food. Can detect pesticide residues are closely related with the detection technology. Detect residual doesn’t mean the food is harmful to our health. Rumors are listed in the “pesticide hazards” does exist, but left the dose about harm completely pointless. We need to pay attention to is: Pesticide Residues in fruits and vegetables, bring much risk?

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to a variety of pesticides in food residues established limits. According to the definition of limit, no more than this standard of pesticide residues, the health risks can be ignored. If the PDP detection value exceeds the standard limit, or to detect the EPA has not yet of standard of pesticide, the PDP will be informed to the food and Drug Administration (FDA).

As mentioned before, detected pesticide residues is not the same as the ranking of health risk.Ewg completely ignore this factor, with a “you” and “no” or “more” and “little” such a simple classification, and can not objectively reflect real situation of pesticide residues in these fruits and vegetables and health.

So it is highly suggested that you should clean your fruits before eating, if possible, use Greentest nitrate tester to test whether is unsafe substance level is under the healthy control.

Tips on Buying Fresh litchi

In summer, litchi is the most popular fruits in season one, not only it looks nice, sweet and delicious taste, but also it can gladden the heart and refresh the mind.  litchi contains high nutritional value but note that you should not eat too much in one time. Here are tips to buy and eat lychee you should need to pay attention to.


Tips for Buying litchi

1.  Have a look at litchi head. If litchi head is sharp and epidermal “nail” intensive degree is relatively high, it shows that litchi is not mature enough; otherwise it is a ripe litchi. Second, look at the shell, turtle lobes flat, sutures significantly. This lychee is wonderfully sweet, do not believe you try! Really fresh litchi from the appearance, the color is not very bright, dark red with green, no peculiar smell.

2. By hand touch, grip in the hands of lychees, it  should be hard and elastic, poke the pericarp, the inside of the membrane should be white, if there is a black spot, indicating a long time already.

3. Smell.  Fresh litchi has a fragrance of the taste, if there is a sour or other flavor, that is not a fresh litchi.

4. Taste, the fresh litchi its juice should be elastic, inviting fragrance, sweet and delicious.

Attention to eat litchi

1. Eat Litchi with empty stomach

Fresh litchi are high in sugar, eat them with   empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa, stomach bloating. And fasting edible excess body as a result of a sudden high excess sugar, and the occurrence of hyperosmolar coma “.

2. Eat a great quantity of Litchi

Eating a lot of litchi and eat very little, easily lead to unexpected hypoglycemia, dizziness, thirst, nausea, sweating, stomach ache, flustered wait for a phenomenon, serious will occur in a coma, convulsions, arrhythmia, etc.. These symptoms are sudden hypoglycemia after eating a large amount of litchi.



Top 5 fat burning Healthy fruits

Healthy eating is quite an crucial for those who want to lose their weith and keeping body in a healthy style. Fruits play an important role in our healthy diet,you can control you body weight by adding some fruits of your diet and some fruits are better for weight loss than others. Here lists the five fruits for a reducing your fat.



Avocados are the most popular fruits for weight loss. It contains more vitamin, antioxidant and high amount of unsaturated fat (omega-9 fatty acid) that is good for health. This unsaturated fats increase the metabolism and also increase the testosterone hormone that is responsible for weight loss. It reduces your appetite or hunger level by which help to avoid excess food intake


Berries likes- rash berry, blueberry are a source of nutrient, vitamin and antioxidant. Polyphenol is the main component of the outer layer of berry which helps to weight loss and prevent fat deposit.


Grape is a best fat burning fruit. The most recent studies have found that grapefruit or juice before meals is really helpful to aid weight loss. It contains a natural unique component that reduces insulin level and prevent weight gain.


Color, flavor and taste of strawberries are the most popular. Not only color, flavor and taste, but also it has lot of health benefits such as It contains vitamin-c, fiber, calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is one of the best sources of vitamin-c that help to convert glucose into energy and prevent the fat stored in the body. Strawberries able to increase the production of a hormone that improve metabolism and reduce hunger. It maintains blood sugar and insulin level, thus control the body weight
Do you know which factors and reasons are responsible for overweight?


with hot water is more common juice for weight loss. It is a potential source of vitamin-c (water soluble vitamin) that is increasing the production of collagen and act as a major factor in weight management. So drinking hot water with lemon juice is very effective for weight loss and improving digestion.

However,as nowadays not all the fruits are organic and they comtain more harmful substances than normal, such as nitrate.Before buying from a supermarket or farmer, check the nitrate level of your fruits.


Kinds of Fruits That Are in High Level Nitrate

Fresh Fruits have important insides to our body health and we should eat them everday, but as not all the fruits are organic, and some of these kinds of fruits have high level nitrate which can do harm to our health if we eat it too much. It is quite important for us to detect the lelvel of nitrate by nitrate tester before buying these fruits.

Organic produce costs as much as 40 percent more than conventional produce, according to Colorado State University. Deciding which produce items to buy organic is important, for both your wallet and your health. The Environmental Working Group reports the conventional produce containing the highest level of pesticides in their annual publication, the Dirty Dozen.


Biting into a fuzzy, sweetly flavored peach is one of the pleasures of summer, but stick to only organic peaches. Conventional peaches were No. 1 on the Dirty Dozen list in 2009, and No. 2 in 2010. They contain 62 pesticides when produced conventionally.

Strawberries have a thin, porous skin and are frequently imported from developing countries where lax regulations allow a high pesticide spray level. The laboratory tests for the Dirty Dozen found that strawberries contained 59 pesticide chemical types.


The peel of conventional apples contains the highest level of pesticides, but it also contains the nutrients. Instead of peeling apples, opt for purchasing the organic variety to avoid the 42 pesticide chemicals found in non-organic apples.

Blueberries are an additional berry type that contain a high level of pesticides. The thin skin allows the chemicals to enter the fruit’s flesh. Buying blueberries organic is the safest option. Conventional blueberries contain 52 pesticide chemicals.



Nectarines are a close relative of the peach, which may be an easy way to remember that both fruits should be purchased organic. Nectarines contain about 33 chemical pesticides, according to the Dirty Dozen list.


Domestic cherries contain a particularly high level of pesticide residue compared with imported cherries. Purchase organic cherries to avoid the chemicals and benefit from their qualities, such as vitamin C and fiber.


The Environmental Working Group discovered that imported grapes have a particularly high concentration of pesticide residue and should be avoided. They contain about 34 chemicals.

Raspberries are a healthy addition to the diet because they are high in fiber and vitamins, but the thin skins make them vulnerable to chemical absorption. Purchase organic versions.


Conventional pears contain 28 chemicals. Buying organic pears is particularly important for pregnant and breastfeeding women, because pesticides interfere with normal growth and development.


Tomatoes are a popular thin-skinned fruit that absorb any chemical sprays applied to them during production. To avoid consuming chemicals, always buy organic tomatoes.

How to Eat Fresh Food Healthy

Before buying these kind of fruits, you can use Greentest to check the level of nitrate inside the fruit.Greentest can help you detect harmful substances inside fresh fruits and vegetables. And it is easy to use as below:


1. Choose fruit/vegetables category
2. Insert the probe and press”Start Test”.
3. Get results in 3 seconds.