How to Detect Radiation With Radiation Detector

As we all know that our surrounding is full of radiation. If you’re interested in knowing the radiation levels in your home, work environment and other places, you can use radiation detector. This device tests the area around you for levels of radiation. It can show you if you’re exposed to normal levels or are in danger from high levels. Here is more information about how to detect radiation with a Greentest Radiation detector.

Using Greentest Radiation Tester

By knowing the radiation level of your surrounding, you can protect yourself whether your home or living room, working experience is safe to stay, thus protect your body healthy. There are many radiation detector on the market with a probe and smaller ones people tend to use for personal measurements. They will work in slightly different manners. Generally, you want to follow the directions for setting up the particular device that you have.

Greentest eco radiation detector

Reading the Meter

When you use your radiation detector, you will get the counts of the radiation events that the device picks up. Some Radiation meters will also show you the dose of radiation in the area. Some meters show you the results in analog while others are digital, and many give off click sounds to alert you to events.

If you’re testing a person’s exposure, measure the radiation level for a minute, and take note of the result. It’s a smart idea to check the count a few times and then find the average of the readings because the background radiation of an area can change over time. Take note of your reading each time you use the counter. The Greentest Eco Radiation Emergency Assistance Center says that a reading that is two times or more a decided-upon previous background radiation level would be contaminated with radiation.


Simple, Portable Geiger Counters

The portable pocket type of Geiger counter can be exceedingly easy to use without even fully understanding how they work. The Greentest Eco Radiation Detectors Dosimeters make it easy to take a radiation readings of your space, a person or your food or water. It is small enough to take anywhere with you to test something at work or while you’re out. To use this counter, you simply test the area and the display shows you green for a normal background level, yellow for a high one and red for a dangerous level. You are also able to see the radiation level so you have more information and it is  an easy way to know more about the levels of radiation in the areas where you spend your time.

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The highest Radiation of Household Appliances

When it comes to the safety of the use of household appliances, many people are always a bit worried, not only because of the use of individual appliances easily lead to improper explosion, but also because that household electrical appliances have a detrimental to the health of the common — produce radiation. Radiation household appliances not only induce gene mutation, promote the variation cell production, accelerate the skin aging, but also disrupt hormone secretion, affect the central nervous system, resulting in neurasthenia.

In view of the different categories of household electrical appliances are not the same value of radiation, the following is a different level of household electrical appliances radiation list.


Microwave oven

The maximum radiation is near the door,especially at the moment you open the door , so it is not too close to it when it is working as the radiation range of up to 7 meters.

Electric blanket

The blanket power will generate electromagnetic fields, the generated electromagnetic radiation. Pregnant mammy if use electric blanket, a long time in the electromagnetic radiation, most likely to cause fetal brain, nervous, skeletal and heart tissues by adverse effects.


Almost of us love Humidifier, but we all don’t know the radiation of it is so big,therefore, when in use do not put in place too close from the body.

Fat motor

The transmission belt front radiation is bigger, the movement time should not be too long, as far as possible reduces the radiation.

Hair dryer

Although small in size, but radiation is great, should be kept away from children. The opening and closing of the hair dryer, as far as possible from the head far a little, when in use, the best hair dryer and keep the head in vertical, not for a long time use best intermittent stop.

Electromagnetic oven

Now more and more families like to use the cooker to cook things, but should pay attention to the use of time not too long.

Air conditioning

Although it is classified as low radiation, but it is tested next to the radiation will increase, at the same time to take into account the impact of the next door and downstairs air conditioning, as far as possible to leave the bed.

Doctors found that allergic constitution is a major cause of childhood asthma, and various household appliances in the electromagnetic radiation is the main factors causing the allergic physique. Finally, we also offer a few tricks to reduce and prevent radiation household appliances, netizens can we must remember the simplicity.

So it is very necessary to reduce the radiation rate of your home and make sure it is in a safe range, Greentest Eco can help you test the radiation of your surrounding, thus you can know whether it is safe or do harmful to your family.

Four Kinds of Plants for you to Block Radiation

In our daily life, we use mobile phone or iPad  or some other domestic appliance which can raise the radiation level in our living around. Radiation can be appear everywhere in our life, household appliances have radiation, even if it is in a closed state. And research shows that large amount of radiation in our around can do harm to our healthy. You may wondering how much radiation arround you, and how to block radiation? 

A new product Greentest radiation detector can help you determine the radiation level arround you and show you if you are in a healthy living envirenment.


How to prevent and reduce the radiation attack? There are four kinds of green plantsfor you to block the radiation hazards.

Cactus or cactus

Cactus or cactus

cactus or cactus is courtyard greening and beautifying of fine varieties of flowers, though they covered with thorns, but the shape is beautiful available to processing is used as medicine and food, but also has absorption of electromagnetic wave radiation, reduce computer endanger human health “specific function”. Cactus body a sting, thick meat, containing water, easy to absorb and dissolve the ambient electromagnetic field radiation and toxins, reduce indoor pollution, beneficial to human health.



Its meat containing glial crude fiber, can Runchang, detoxification, can absorb harmful substances within the intestinal excreted in the stool. Because it has the effect, so any radiation. It can absorb, placed beside the computer is very good, and it is tropical plants are drought tolerant, keep a lazy group on the best, however, ten days eight days not drench water no problem.



Sansevieria alias Sansevieria, Liliaceae, smell is the smell of sweet and elegant, it on the environment adaptability is a “gritty” plant, not only can detox, still can release a large amount of oxygen, the ability to absorb radiation is also very strong. In the computer next to Meimei put a basin, absolutely let you comfortable hundredfold!

This most common plant is not only a good one, but it can also beautify the environment, purify the air, and it is also a good product for radiation protection. It also can inhibit the release of xylene and toluene from computer monitors and printers.



Four seasons of fresh green Chlorophytum, sewage suction “ace”. “Home grown Chlorophytum, and the evil spirits appalled, south of Fujian, Taiwan people on its ceiling dirty ability to give a high evaluation.


How to Measure Radioactivity

As we all know that exporsure to rediation can do harmful to our body healthy,but in our daily living environment, it may be found any where. Some of materials and products sitting around your house could be emitting low levels of radiation, so how to make sure your living environment radiation level are safe.So how is radioactivity measured?


Are Radiation Can be Test?

It’s sure that Radiation can be determine. There are different units of measurement for radioactivity depending on what is being measured. In addition, the term used varies depending on whether conventional units are being used – the curie, the rad and the rem – or you’re relying on the system internationale (SI) units – the becquerel, the sievert and the gray.

What is the difference between these units of measurement? The rad or the gray are used to measure radiation a person takes in, and the rem or the sievert are used to understand how much risk people have by being around a source of radiation. Additional measurements include counts per minute and counts per second, which are useful for measuring alpha and beta particles. You can then measure this radiation that’s given off from radioactive materials.

How to measure Radiation

As the above taking, we can test the radiation around us, we have the ability of measuring radioactivity with the right tool. You can use a radiation Tester or a similar radioactivity measurement device to measure the radiation levels in your own home and other environments where you spend time.

The Greentest Radiaton detector has gas within its tube that is ionized by radiation when it’s present. The meter can detect different kinds of radiation, including beta, X-rays, alpha and gamma radiation. It can help you figure out the radiation in your environment, and then there are also EMF meters that tell you how much electromagnetic radiation from technology you’re exposed to and devices that test the radiation levels in your food. The measurement types, such as counts per minute and sieverts, can vary depending on the specific device you are using.

Overall, it’s easy to measure radioactivity from your own home when you have a measuring device. You’ll quickly get the hang of the particular meter you choice and how it measures and reports radioactivity.