The Best Way to Eat Anticancer Broccoli

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How to eat broccoli can help us anticancer? Broccoli have a certain anti-cancer effect , but if not eat right and it can not play the broccoli anti-cancer role. Today, it is necessary to introduce the best way to eat broccoli so it can paly its anti-cancer role.

Broccoli steam cooking is the best way to help anti-cancer. Once the myrosinase was destroyed, there is no anticancer effect. So compared with other cooking methods, broccoli water resisting steamed for about 5 minutes, myrosinase best preserved, so that it can help to anti-cancer.

When heating Broccoli 60 C. The researchers found that a university in the United States, to get the anti-cancer substances of broccoli, involves two kinds of proteins. One is that sulforaphane glycosidase released, another is a sulfur binding protein. The sulfur binding protein to sulforaphane has just released lost activity.

The ideal state is to maintain the enzyme activity, but to the sulfur binding protein exterminate, so that it will be unable to destroy anti-cancer substances. Study found, sulfur binding protein than the enzyme was more afraid of heat. It is found by experiments, as long as the green cauliflower is heated to 60 degrees is ideal. This temperature, sulfur binding protein has been inactivated, while the enzyme remained active, can play to maximize the anticancer activity of broccoli.

At last, kindly remind that test broccoli nitrate level with Greentest nitrate tester before buying, as broccoli have a high level of nitrate and pesticides. Pick up the safety one can help to protect us not to intake too much harmful substance.


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