Food that in High level of Water Content

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In hot summer weather, we will lager amount of sweat. And due to much sweat we will need to recharge our body water content, in fact,in addition to drink water, the source of food is quite important to supply body water content. Below is the list of food thant contain high level of water content. And here you can learn what kind of food that good your black hair.

High Water content of common foods:



Water content 96.7%. Cucumber is the best food for your summer replenishment and its moisture content is all the food in the highest. Cucumber can make a salad, can also be made into a dish. With cucumber, yogurt, mint and ice together to make iced drinks are also a good choice.


Water content of 95.6%. Usually, nutritionists are more willing to recommend high fiber vegetables such as spinach. But when it comes to pay, lettuce to a lot higher than they are. The lettuce sandwich or other entrees as a side dish to eat, when summer comes, is very healthy replenishment methods.


Water celery water 95.4%. Energy is very low, but it contains a lot of water and dietary fiber can effectively inhibit appetite. In addition, celery is also rich in folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin K. because celery contains a lot of water, it can neutralize stomach acid, effective in the treatment of stomach burning heat symptoms.


Water containing content 95.3%. The water radish very suitable for spring and summer to eat, it has a sweet and spicy taste, bright color and crisp texture, very suitable for eat together with other vegetables salad.


Water content of 94.5%. tomato is a good replenishment of food, if the grapes, cherries and other food with eating, replenishment effect will be better.

Green peppers

Water content of 93.9%. All fresh peppers contain large amounts of water, especially green peppers. Antioxidants it contains less than other peppers. If tired of carrots and celery and other vegetables salad, maybe green peppers can give you some change.

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