Four Kinds of Plants for you to Block Radiation

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In our daily life, we use mobile phone or iPad  or some other domestic appliance which can raise the radiation level in our living around. Radiation can be appear everywhere in our life, household appliances have radiation, even if it is in a closed state. And research shows that large amount of radiation in our around can do harm to our healthy. You may wondering how much radiation arround you, and how to block radiation? 

A new product Greentest radiation detector can help you determine the radiation level arround you and show you if you are in a healthy living envirenment.


How to prevent and reduce the radiation attack? There are four kinds of green plantsfor you to block the radiation hazards.

Cactus or cactus

Cactus or cactus

cactus or cactus is courtyard greening and beautifying of fine varieties of flowers, though they covered with thorns, but the shape is beautiful available to processing is used as medicine and food, but also has absorption of electromagnetic wave radiation, reduce computer endanger human health “specific function”. Cactus body a sting, thick meat, containing water, easy to absorb and dissolve the ambient electromagnetic field radiation and toxins, reduce indoor pollution, beneficial to human health.



Its meat containing glial crude fiber, can Runchang, detoxification, can absorb harmful substances within the intestinal excreted in the stool. Because it has the effect, so any radiation. It can absorb, placed beside the computer is very good, and it is tropical plants are drought tolerant, keep a lazy group on the best, however, ten days eight days not drench water no problem.



Sansevieria alias Sansevieria, Liliaceae, smell is the smell of sweet and elegant, it on the environment adaptability is a “gritty” plant, not only can detox, still can release a large amount of oxygen, the ability to absorb radiation is also very strong. In the computer next to Meimei put a basin, absolutely let you comfortable hundredfold!

This most common plant is not only a good one, but it can also beautify the environment, purify the air, and it is also a good product for radiation protection. It also can inhibit the release of xylene and toluene from computer monitors and printers.



Four seasons of fresh green Chlorophytum, sewage suction “ace”. “Home grown Chlorophytum, and the evil spirits appalled, south of Fujian, Taiwan people on its ceiling dirty ability to give a high evaluation.


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