6 Kinds of fruits can be hangover

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What kind of  food can help to hangover after drinking?  During our working life, there are a lot of parties to socialize, drinking is inevitable, how to hangover after drinking is very important to reduce harmful. Today, we share some kinds of fruits thant can help you hangover after driking.


After drinking, even if not drunk, but mouth alcohol also a long time can not be dispersed. This time you as long as the grapefruit in small cubes, and then dip sugar to eat. You can help restore your breath of fresh air, you are in high spirits.



Ever feel physically weak after a night of drinking? You’re not imagining it—your muscles really pay the price when you overdo it. If you’re feeling a little shaky after a night of drinking, reach for a banana to help restore your body’s potassium levels and improve muscle function.

Tomato Juice

Organic tomato juice can send a natural jolt of vitamins and minerals into your alcohol-ravaged body, but that’s not its only perk. Tomato juice hydrates, and just like honey, the fructose in the juice will help flush out lingering alcohol.

Prickly Pear

This cactus fruit possesses mega anti-inflammatory agents that can help offset the damage done by drinking alcohol. Researchers at Tulane University discovered that drinkers who took prickly pear cactus extract five hours before drinking had 50% fewer hangover symptoms compared with drinkers who went without the extract. You can eat prickly pear as a fruit or in the form of an extract capsule, or drink prickly pear tea to help prevent a hangover.


Of course the general meeting will have orange juice, so personal advice if not drink is orange instead. And if you have drunk, it is better to use fresh orange juice, or directly to eat two pieces of orange will refresh you.


If you often drunk, it is recommended that you usually prepare some fruit, of course, made the water simmer in water, the effect is quite good.


Finally, Kindly remind that when buying fruits from market, it would be better if you check the pesticides and nitrate level with Greentest nitrate tester before picking up them.

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