Harm of Pesticide Residue and its Detection Method

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Pesticides in food, vegetables, fruits, fish, shrimp, meat, eggs, milk, causing food pollution, can do harm to people’s health.

General organic chlorine pesticide metabolism in the human body is very slow, long accumulated time. Organic chlorine in the human body remains mainly concentrated in the fat.  Such as DDT in the human blood, brain, liver and adipose tissue in the proportion of 1:4:30:300; Di agent for 1:5:30:150.

Because pesticide residues are very harmful to human and biological, all countries have strict management of pesticide application, and the amount of pesticide residues in food is regulated. Such as Japanese pesticide registration system, once confirmed that some pesticides harmful to people and animals, the government will restrict or prohibit the sale and use.

For the detection of pesticide residues, we have used in conjunction with professional residual pesticide test instrument to detect, to governments at all levels of vegetables testing center, bazaars, supermarkets, environmental protection, vegetable planting base of hotel and other units of pesticides in vegetables and fruits by strict residue determination.


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