Healthy Kitchen Tips for Family Eating

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Health is essensial an it is  largely determined by what and how you eat. Thus your kitchen and cooding diet play a significant role in your family health.  Improving specific aspects of your kitchen and diet will actually improve your health.Here are some easy-to-incorporate healthy kitchen tips you can use to improve your family’s health.


1. Keep unhealthy snacks out of plain sight

Want to eat less of the unhealthy stuff? Then store them out of your direct line of sight. A study once showed that people who keep cereal on their counters have higher BMI readings than those who stored theirs in pantries or cabinets, so keeping them out of your sight is really a huge help.

To make this technique work even more efficiently for you, try replacing those unhealthy snacks with healthier food options. This means putting healthy snacks, like fruits, on your kitchen counter.

2. Move the serving section out of the table

This may seem like a matter of inconvenience, but it is one of those sneaky healthy kitchen tips that can significantly help in reducing your food consumption.

Placing your serving section out of the dining table forces you and other household members to move around to grab food. This makes it a little harder to gorge on food.

3. Reduce the size of your plate

This is one of the most time-tested tips for reducing caloric consumption. Reducing the size of your plate not only reduces your overall food intake per serving but also creates a psychological effect of satiety. This technique, when done correctly, can reduce your caloric intake by up to 30 percent. Smaller plates definitely worked for me!

4. Plan your meals

Prepare what you and your family diet, Planning the meals for the week ahead and making a shopping list will not only save you tons of time, but it will also help you to avoid impulse buys when grocery shopping.

Also, avoid going to the grocery store when you are hungry, this often leads to unnecessary purchases of quick, unhealthy foods to eat on the go.

5. Buy Organic Food from Market

Fresh fruit and vegetables play important role to our body healthy, it is very important to eat them every day, as vegetable and fruits have much nutrition, if you want to keep fit then these must be your love. But as these days, not all fruits and vegetables are organic and safe, as the farmers use too much fatilizers to the plant growth, thus the food may have more harmful substance inside such as large amount of nitrate. And too much intrate intake to our body can do harm to the healthy.

So a very important tip to buy fruits and vegetables from market is to make sure they are safe. So how? With Greentest, you can easily test them in 3 seconds to tell you which kinds of fruits and vegetables are safe.



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