The highest Radiation of Household Appliances

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When it comes to the safety of the use of household appliances, many people are always a bit worried, not only because of the use of individual appliances easily lead to improper explosion, but also because that household electrical appliances have a detrimental to the health of the common — produce radiation. Radiation household appliances not only induce gene mutation, promote the variation cell production, accelerate the skin aging, but also disrupt hormone secretion, affect the central nervous system, resulting in neurasthenia.

In view of the different categories of household electrical appliances are not the same value of radiation, the following is a different level of household electrical appliances radiation list.


Microwave oven

The maximum radiation is near the door,especially at the moment you open the door , so it is not too close to it when it is working as the radiation range of up to 7 meters.

Electric blanket

The blanket power will generate electromagnetic fields, the generated electromagnetic radiation. Pregnant mammy if use electric blanket, a long time in the electromagnetic radiation, most likely to cause fetal brain, nervous, skeletal and heart tissues by adverse effects.


Almost of us love Humidifier, but we all don’t know the radiation of it is so big,therefore, when in use do not put in place too close from the body.

Fat motor

The transmission belt front radiation is bigger, the movement time should not be too long, as far as possible reduces the radiation.

Hair dryer

Although small in size, but radiation is great, should be kept away from children. The opening and closing of the hair dryer, as far as possible from the head far a little, when in use, the best hair dryer and keep the head in vertical, not for a long time use best intermittent stop.

Electromagnetic oven

Now more and more families like to use the cooker to cook things, but should pay attention to the use of time not too long.

Air conditioning

Although it is classified as low radiation, but it is tested next to the radiation will increase, at the same time to take into account the impact of the next door and downstairs air conditioning, as far as possible to leave the bed.

Doctors found that allergic constitution is a major cause of childhood asthma, and various household appliances in the electromagnetic radiation is the main factors causing the allergic physique. Finally, we also offer a few tricks to reduce and prevent radiation household appliances, netizens can we must remember the simplicity.

So it is very necessary to reduce the radiation rate of your home and make sure it is in a safe range, Greentest Eco can help you test the radiation of your surrounding, thus you can know whether it is safe or do harmful to your family.

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