How To Cook Broccoli

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Broccolli has many useful substances inside which can do healthy to our body, right before we have a tip on how to buy a fresh broccoli, here we will give you guide on how to cook broccoli. Select a broccoli bunch that is dark green with tightly closed flowerets. The stalks should be firm, without leggy branches. The buds should be tightly closed and the leaves crisp. Also the stronger broccoli smells, the older it is. Refrigerate, unwashed, in a plastic bag, for up to four days. If you peel the tough fibrous outer layer off broccoli stems, it cooks faster, makes it esier to digest, and is more attractive.

How To Cook Broccoli:

Be sure to cook broccoli quickly, since long cooking not only makes it soft and flavorless, but also destroys it’s rich nutrients. Salt helps to keep broccoli green. The stalks, when peeled are good toe at also. Leaves are edible but give a better appearance if cut off.

At last, a very important tip for you :  beremember to remove the smell of broccoli cooking, throw a couple of thick chunks of bread into the cooking water.

As Broccoli are not so organic than before, I means Broccoli may have more nitrate and nitrite than usually, so you can use nitrate tester to check the nitrate level of the broccoli is under normal before cooking. That is very important to your family healthy. fitness-safe-fruits-vegetables-250x250

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