How to remove pesticides in vegetables

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Vegetable is a good source of  human vitamin intake, and espercially in fresh vegetable, there are more nutrition good to our healthy. But now the concern is vitamin rich vegetables although is good for the body, but there are some pesticides on the vegetables , so when buying vegetables we are worried about whether there was residual pesticides. How to clean the pesticide residues in vegetables? Here is a simple and effective way for you.


1. Dry vegetables in the sun

Mostly organic phosphorus pesticides, carbamate pesticides, and these pesticides are volatile, volatile in the sunlight. After picking vegetables, stacked together, the transportation, the poor ventilation and not easily by sunlight, so it is best to dry your vegetable in the sun before cooking  decrease with the volatility of pesticide residues. Of course, there are people who are worried about the loss of nutrients in the sun.

2, Clean Vegetables with alkali

When cleaning vegetable in the water , it is suggested add a small amount of baking soda or alkali powder, the amount of soaking, can play a very good cleaning effect.

3. Use vegetable washing agent

There are already have a lot of vegetable washing agent on the market,but it is best to carefully choose this kind of washing agent, and sometimes when it is hard to remove the pesticides in your vegetables, you can use some of these washing agent to help you. Remember not to use it everytime as not all the washing agent is good to remove.

4. Peeled, brush your vegetables

Vegetables such as bitter gourd can be used in other ways, such as peeling and using tools such as a soft brush to clean.

5. Boiled vegetables

Under the condition of high temperature can also remove part of the pesticide, such as celery, broccoli and other vegetables, boiled with boiling water can be a lot of pesticides.

When buying vegetables, it is suggested that you can use nitrate tester to test vegetables, check them whether they have high amount of pesticides, often when it contain of pesticides its nitrate level will be high and this kinds of nitrate tester can be test and show the vegetable is safe or unsafe to eat.


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