Is Nitrite good for the body?

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We have recently heard many children because of eating excessive nitrite and lead poisoning death events, nitrite intake is carcinogenic, but in fact, nitrite, to a certain extent, is good for the body health?

We may heard that overnight food cannot eat, because of the high nitrate. However, vegetables in the refrigerator overnight and nitrous acid salt content can increase the number?


For research, we put the making food to refrigerator, the next day we found that the nitrate level is increased from 3 mg / kg to 7Mg / kg. In fact, the numerical completely is not up to the can cause the level of health concern.

The nitrite is created by vegetable enzymes or bacteria produce enzymes, reduction and produce. Vegetables absorb the nitrogen in the soil, easy to nitrogen to nitrate of vegetables, and then to synthesize amino acid and protein.

In all kinds of vegetables, and dark green leafy vegetables contain nitrate the highest, so people are most worried about they are not fresh after the producing of nitrite. Even more, it is also worried that nitrate in the human body is reduced to nitrite caused trouble, so it worked out for a day when the upper limit intake of nitrate.

However, these years of Science and news, people might have fond that nitrat in a sense, actually on the cardiovascular system is quite good. Nitrite itself is a very strong vascular expansion agent, it role in vivo can play to the vascular patency and improve blood flow, hence dietary intake nitrates, converted into nitrite in the body, for cardiovascular disease have positive significance.

Studies have shown that dietary intake of nitrates, beneficial to help the body to control blood pressure, a 2010 study found that the addition of nitrates in the diet, can effectively reduce blood pressure. For example, Westerners often suggest three patients drink fresh vegetable juice and so on, in fact, is not in order to supplement vitamin C, and to a large extent is supplement of potassium and nitrate.

Researchers to hypertensive patients taking different content of potassium nitrate, or give them taking different nitrate content in beetroot juice, found that use large amounts of potassium nitrate and taking a lot of beetroot juice as, can effectively improve the nitrite content in the blood, and actual effect of lowering blood pressure, this effect in male patients is more obvious.

Studies have found that taking nitrates can to certain drugs caused by damage to the heart of produce protective effect, play a protective role on the high salt diet caused by kidney damage. Sports nutrition research found, taking nitrate rich drinks can improve movement of oxygen uptake capacity, delaying fatigue in coming.

Why researchers is to use nitrate, rather than the direct use of nitrite?? this is because nitrate is safe and non-toxic. It will increase the blood vessels in the nitrite concentration, but did not reach the degree of nitrite poisoning caused. In healthy people of the stomach, it will not produce a large number of carcinogenic nitrosamines. If the direct use of nitrite per day reached a level of 1000 mg. It is more dangerous.

So if we control the nitrate intake to our body everyday, espercially for children and old man, it is no so dangers for nitrate itself. When buying vegetables, you can use nitrate tester to check the nitrate level, it will show you wehter the food in under the control of healthy level.

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