How to Make Watermelon Tomato Juice

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In Summer, due to sweating, large consumption, people tend to feel tired,  we can not even ignore the health protection of our body. Let’s share a healthy juice to keep cool in this hot summer.

Ingredients: half a watermelon, tomato three, sugar, ice, cold boiling water


1, First with cold boiling water in the freezer frozen ice, standby

2, Cut into small pieces of peeled watermelon.

3, The tomato first boiled by hot water, and then the skin tear, cut into small pieces.

4, 700g white sugar 750ml with boiling water to boil the syrup into standby.

5, Watermelon, tomato, crushed ice into the blender, high-speed stirring to play 40 seconds.

6, After the water cooling can be poured into the juice inside the seasoning, the delicious watermelon Tomato Juice production can be completed.



1, Before put the ice into the blender, first the ice crack smaller and then into the mixer whipping, so it is not easy to damage to the mixer.

2, Sugar juice according to personal preferences on appropriate, appropriate deployment.

3, The watermelon in the summer is one of the most popular fruits, it can quench their thirst down in summer, but also for the body to add water; tomato can stomachic, appetizer Shengjin, Runchang, such as the effect, the juice is sorching summer most not to be missed the best drink.

4, Tomato taste sweet and sour, with heat clearing and detoxifying, the effect of Yangyin Liangxue, the thirsty, bleeding gums, irascible have better therapeutic effect.

5, Watermelon with purging fire, in addition to the role of blood pressure, blood pressure and other effects, such as anemia, dry throat and so on have certain curative effect.


At last kindly remind that use nitrate tester to test the watermelon and tomato before buying, as they may contain high pesticides which do harm to our body.


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