How to reduce the harm of nitrite in food

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Excessive nitrite in food is one of the causes of human poisoning, cancer and death. The problem of excessive salt in the food has aroused great concern of the scientific community.In order to prevent nitrite poisoning, in growing vegetables, nitrogen fertilizer application to timely and appropriate, in China’s largest wholesale vegetable market is rapid detection procedures, so we try to formal markets and supermarkets to buy vegetables, and make sure to avoid the excessive nitrate of vegetables. Here is a completed guide on nitrate in vegetables.

Family edible vegetables, but also pay attention to fresh, for storing vegetables with plastic bags, fastening the bag into the refrigerator, as soon as possible to eat; leftovers before eating to fully heated, in the heating process can oxidize nitrite. Should eat pickled foods, such as pickles, salted fish, ham and sausage, do not eat rotten food.

nitrate in food

Mg C900, due to higher studies have showed that the nitrate content of vegetables by boiling the nitrate content reduced by 60% to 70%. Nitrate is soluble in water and food with boiling water Cheuk can reduce nitrate content, and cut the more thin, the shorter, the more fresh vegetables, Cheuk good effect. In addition, the majority of antioxidants such as vitamin C, e and tea polyphenols have obvious inhibition of nitrosation reaction, take vitamin and urinary nitrite amine content decreased 60%. Vitamin E can prevent inferior saltpetre amine formation has anti-cancer effects. Ginger extract on nitrite has a clear role.

Mentioned above, the tea polyphenols on the human body has many benefits, tea contains large amount of tea polyphenol. A large number of studies show that N-nitroso compound in the synthesis of all kinds of tea were blocked, the higher content of tea polyphenols of tea, clear the role better. Under the same concentration of tea polyphenols of green tea extract liquid or fresh tea leaves leaching solution is better than that of pure tea polyphenol, indicating that green tea and fresh tea leaves as a composite system, the leaching solution in addition to containing tea polyphenol and vitamin C, carotene and reducing sugar composition of synergistic effect.

A study compared the green tea, oolong tea and other eight kinds of tea brewing under different concentrations of tea on nitrite scavenging. The results showed that the solid-liquid ratio of 1: 50 to 1: 100 for tea better concentration and scavenging effect on nitrite with the concentration of tea increased and increased. Most kinds of tea in the high concentration of lost scavenging effect, therefore, is to drink less tea. Such as the habit of drinking tea, it is best to drink Tuo tea or oolong tea.

To buy your food, you can use Greentest nitrate tester to check the nitrat and radiation level of it before buying them, make sure the nitrate level of your food is under the healthy control.



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