Six kinds of food to black hair

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One’s hair is good or bad not only long-term hot dye, or use inappropriate hair care products cause, the hair is a part of the body, there may be a cause of recent physical function is low. So when the hair problems, we also want to care about their body. Therefore, we should ensure a balanced diet, rich in a reasonable intake of protein. Vitamins, as well as mineral food.

1. Nuts

Our body although automatic production of biotin (biological), but enough biotin (biotin) will let you hair looks more beautiful, eat some eggs, shea butter, nuts!


In order to make the hair more thick, more shiny, you should eat more nuts. Brazil nuts are se of the best natural source of selenium is to keep the scalp healthy is very important a minerals. Walnut contains alpha fatty acid, omega-3 fatty acid A, can help hair care. At the same time, walnut also contains rich in zinc. Cashew nuts, pecans, almonds also contain rich in zinc. Zinc deficiency can make hair easy to fork, shedding so hair healthy diet must include nuts.

2. Spinach

For black hair,spinachis preferred, if you don’t like to eat spinach, then broccoli and Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris) is also a good choice. Spinach is the best source of vitamin A and vitamin C, these two kinds of vitamins is the essential ingredient for collective synthetic fatty, and hair follicles secrete oil, natural hair. Deep green vegetables can provide iron and calcium.

3. High Protein Food

The lack of adequate protein, or is the ingestion of low quality protein, make the hair bifurcation; severe protein deficiency can lead to hair color change, eat foods rich in protein, such as chicken, lean pork and beef. If you are a vegetarian, lentils, tofu and soy can also help you.

4. High vitamin C Food

Vitamin C to help make collagen, so we must not eat less. It helps us to maintain healthy hair follicles, and let the hair healthy growth, to prevent fat tail bifurcation. Orange, tomatoes are rich in vitamin C.

5. Carrot

The carrot is vitamin a good source, vitamin A can scalp to promote healthy growth, and powerful to maintain normal vision. The health of the scalp is required for hair luster, therefore, in making the salad add carrot is a wise move. According to United States Department of Agriculture National Nutrition database statistical results, a moderate size of sweet potato, can satisfy the human body daily vitamin a demand of 400%, so eat sweet potato also on the hair is very good.


6. Sea Food

Finally can not be a lack of help hair growth of zinc and zinc help to restore and improve the body immunity, promote the growth of hair and organizations. Eat oysters and crabs can also help to black hair!

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