Top 5 fat burning Healthy fruits

Healthy eating is quite an crucial for those who want to lose their weith and keeping body in a healthy style. Fruits play an important role in our healthy diet,you can control you body weight by adding some fruits of your diet and some fruits are better for weight loss than others. Here lists the five fruits for a reducing your fat.



Avocados are the most popular fruits for weight loss. It contains more vitamin, antioxidant and high amount of unsaturated fat (omega-9 fatty acid) that is good for health. This unsaturated fats increase the metabolism and also increase the testosterone hormone that is responsible for weight loss. It reduces your appetite or hunger level by which help to avoid excess food intake


Berries likes- rash berry, blueberry are a source of nutrient, vitamin and antioxidant. Polyphenol is the main component of the outer layer of berry which helps to weight loss and prevent fat deposit.


Grape is a best fat burning fruit. The most recent studies have found that grapefruit or juice before meals is really helpful to aid weight loss. It contains a natural unique component that reduces insulin level and prevent weight gain.


Color, flavor and taste of strawberries are the most popular. Not only color, flavor and taste, but also it has lot of health benefits such as It contains vitamin-c, fiber, calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is one of the best sources of vitamin-c that help to convert glucose into energy and prevent the fat stored in the body. Strawberries able to increase the production of a hormone that improve metabolism and reduce hunger. It maintains blood sugar and insulin level, thus control the body weight
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with hot water is more common juice for weight loss. It is a potential source of vitamin-c (water soluble vitamin) that is increasing the production of collagen and act as a major factor in weight management. So drinking hot water with lemon juice is very effective for weight loss and improving digestion.

However,as nowadays not all the fruits are organic and they comtain more harmful substances than normal, such as nitrate.Before buying from a supermarket or farmer, check the nitrate level of your fruits.