How to buy fresh Broccoli

How to buy fresh vegetables? Vegetables are usually at their best quality and price at the peak of their season. Fresh vegetables are key ingredients in the kitchen. With the right preparation and some of your homemade creativity, they make everyday meals just as magical as special occasions. Don’t buy because of low price alone. It doesn’t pay to buy more vegetables than you can properly store in your refrigerator or use without waste.

When purchasing broccoli, select ones where the stalks are tight and firm.  Look at the stalk and make sure it’s not tough. The buds should be tightly closed and the leaves are crisp and very green. The little ‘trees’ or florets should be dark green. Also note that if the broccoli tends to have a very strong smell or if the leaves have a slightly yellow color, it can often suggest that it is old. Try and avoid broccoli where the buds are yellow in color.

Howerver, nowadays, not everying you see is organic as  farmers used too large amount of fertilizers to help the plant growth, and it wil cause the vegetable has many harmful substances inside, such as the large amout of nitrate and nitrite. And we need to control the amount of nitrate to our body. So it is very essential to buy a really organic broccoli

Greentest is  protable nitrate tester for you to detect harmful substances inside fresh fruits and vegetables. It is very easy to use to check the nitrate level of broccoli.

1. Choose fruit/vegetable category
2. Insert the probe and press”Start Test”
3. Get the results in 3 seconds