Taiwan Restaurant Guard Food Safety With Greentest

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Recently, by  inviting Mawan Power Plant. Greentest Company sent to the head of Mawan Power Plant company’s cafeteria to promote its showcase technology products: Fresh green-food safety detector. Mawan Power Plant is the enterprises directly under the Shenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd., located in Shenzhen, Nanshan District, west, southwest end of the South Head Peninsula, east Xiaonanshan south Chiwan Port, the west sea, north of Mawan Port, an area of 418,000 square meters.


Mawan Power Plant has a cafeteria can accommodate 500 people, according to the person in charge of the canteen Doo introduction to the restaurants every day there are more than three hundred employees.


In the corner of the cafeteria stocked with two cabinets, a canteen displays commonly used ingredients, in addition to a cabinet column cafeteria each day with the ingredients. Ma Wan power plant canteen, head of the two display cabinets, is to tell the dining staff every day to eat vegetables and fruits can use green food-safety tester for testing here. After all these ingredients green food food-safety detector detection, can be safe to eat. Also next to the cabinet also added a new three-dimensional display advertising. Playing video advertising is the green food food-safety detector official website promotional video.


Canteen person in charge of the plant canteen food safety very seriously, in order to allow employees to eat healthy meals, eat at ease, use the cafeteria every day of fruits and vegetables come from their own power plant cultivation base. But this is not enough because the cafeteria every day cooking with seasonal vegetables and fruits look glossy appearance is not known is not a residue of pesticide, fertilizer residues. By chance, the logistics head of plant science and technology come into contact with the paper Wheelock’s products green food food-safety tester, which is a compact and easy to carry suitable for home and restaurant use portable food safety detector, it can be simple rapid detection of fruits and vegetables in the nitrate content


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