How to Test for Nitrates in Drinking Water

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Nobody can tell you wether nitrate is good or harmful to our body, but we can learn from many researches that high nitrate level to our body do harmful to our healthy like nitrate poisoning, cancer etc. You may know that many kinds of fruits and vegetables are have high nitrate content because of the farmers used large quantities of fertilizers. But do you know that there are nitrate content in our drinking water too?

It is sure that your drinking water contain nitrate too because of many reasons. For our healthy, it’s important to keep your drinking water free of nitrates. Nitrates are potentially lethal to human babies, horses, young ruminant animals such as sheep and cattle, and young pigs and chickens. Nitrates in the water they consume interfere with the babies’ and animals’ ability to absorb oxygen. Unlike chlorine, nitrates in water are tasteless and odorless.

Wondering how many level of nitrate in your drinking water? In here, we would like to share tips on how to test for nitrates in drinking water.Anyone can test for nitrates in their drinking water when equipped with the proper home test kit. It is crucial for homeowners on a well system to test for nitrates in drinking water in all wells on the property.

1. Test nitrate in water with nitrate test strips

If you have nitrate test strips you can use it to test your water nitrate level, you can buy nitrate test trips from anywhere and do as below.


Run cold tap water for three minutes prior to collecting a water sample in a clean 14 ounce container. Use the coldest water available from the tap. Then dip a nitrate test strip in the water immediately and remove as soon as it is saturated.Gently shake off excess water. Read your test strip according to manufacturer instructions after one minute. In general, a reading over 10 ppm of nitrate chemical compound is considered unacceptable. The test strip will have a color-coded guide that is easy to read and correlates to the ppm (parts per million) reading.

2. Test nitrate level in Water with Greentest nitrate tester

Greentest is a portable nitrate tester for fruit and vegetables, actually, you can use it to test your water nitral level too. Unlike nitrate test strips, you can test it anywhere and anytime.

Greentest eco radiation detector

Prepare a glass of water and then open the Greentest, simply insert the probe into your water and then it will shows the results. Note that as Greentest is made for fruits and vegetables, for testing water, you can choose fruits and then check the water nitrate results. Learn more about nitrate tester from our website and inquire now if you need to buy.


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