How to Test Pesticides in Vegetables

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As nowadays, farmers use large amout of fertilizers and pesticides to grow the plant so they can grow fast and look more beautiful than ever before. Thus cause many problems in the vegetables, too much harmful subtances inside which can do harm to our body if intake too much.


So more concerned about their food supply than ever before, Many scientists have developed an increasing interest in whether pesticides can be found in their vegetables, as well as in organic foods. They strives to keep the food supply safe by setting limits on pesticide use on crops. Unfortunately, methods of testing vegetables for pesticides require cost-prohibitive and sophisticated laboratory equipment. However, you can minimize your exposure to pesticides in vegetables by choosing and preparing foods carefully.

Independent testing laboratories offer testing for pesticide residues in plant tissues. Plant material must be handled carefully and frozen as quickly as possible to prevent chemicals from being metabolized. They must then be shipped on ice to a lab. This kind of testing is only useful for vegetables that can be destroyed. It is also cost prohibitive, as testing starts around $100 per sample for a single contaminant. Many labs test only for suspected chemicals rather than generating a list of chemicals found in the plant materials. Laboratory testing is not a practical option for anyone except the commercial farmer.

Further minimize pesticide exposure by carefully preparing vegetables that may contain residual chemicals. Scrub vegetables under running water, but do not use soap. Peel vegetables to remove any surface contaminants that may remain. Discard the outer leaves from cabbage and lettuce. Cooking can also break down residual pesticides that may have absorbed into the vegetable in trace amounts.

Simple way to test Pesticides in Vegetables

A simple and quick way to test pesticides when you buy vegetables is to use chemical test kit. Pesticides can cause a large amout of nitrate in vegetables, so you can use Greentest nitrate tester to test the nitrate level to determind wether the vegetables is safe to eay.


  1. Choose vegetable category you want to test.
  2. Insert the probe and press start test.
  3. Get results in 3 seconds, it will show you whether the vegetable is safe or unsafe to eat.


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