Tips on Buying Fresh litchi

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In summer, litchi is the most popular fruits in season one, not only it looks nice, sweet and delicious taste, but also it can gladden the heart and refresh the mind.  litchi contains high nutritional value but note that you should not eat too much in one time. Here are tips to buy and eat lychee you should need to pay attention to.


Tips for Buying litchi

1.  Have a look at litchi head. If litchi head is sharp and epidermal “nail” intensive degree is relatively high, it shows that litchi is not mature enough; otherwise it is a ripe litchi. Second, look at the shell, turtle lobes flat, sutures significantly. This lychee is wonderfully sweet, do not believe you try! Really fresh litchi from the appearance, the color is not very bright, dark red with green, no peculiar smell.

2. By hand touch, grip in the hands of lychees, it  should be hard and elastic, poke the pericarp, the inside of the membrane should be white, if there is a black spot, indicating a long time already.

3. Smell.  Fresh litchi has a fragrance of the taste, if there is a sour or other flavor, that is not a fresh litchi.

4. Taste, the fresh litchi its juice should be elastic, inviting fragrance, sweet and delicious.

Attention to eat litchi

1. Eat Litchi with empty stomach

Fresh litchi are high in sugar, eat them with   empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa, stomach bloating. And fasting edible excess body as a result of a sudden high excess sugar, and the occurrence of hyperosmolar coma “.

2. Eat a great quantity of Litchi

Eating a lot of litchi and eat very little, easily lead to unexpected hypoglycemia, dizziness, thirst, nausea, sweating, stomach ache, flustered wait for a phenomenon, serious will occur in a coma, convulsions, arrhythmia, etc.. These symptoms are sudden hypoglycemia after eating a large amount of litchi.



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