With Adhesive Tape Packaging of Vegetables and Fruits Formaldehyde Exceeded 10 Times

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People often go to the supermarket to buy food may be found that a lot of fresh vegetables are wrapped in colorful tape, in this regard, some news reported that the packaging of vegetables formaldehyde exceeded 10 times!

Adhesive Tape Packaging of Vegetables

Experts pointed out that part of the supermarket used basic industrial tape to pack the food, this tape containing benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances. Therefore, he suggested that consumers try to peel and cut off, or remove the the fruit or vegetables by direct contact tape.

Many vegetables in a supermarket District sell spinach found that Chinese cabbage, cucumber and other vegetables, are packed by purple or green tape,some price tag directly attached on the vegetables.

With adhesive tape bundled vegetables, fruit phenomenon is very common, it is mainly for the convenience of customers to choose and buy, looks more beautiful and tidy.

Industrial tape containing benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances, not suitable for food packaging materials, in addition to the surface of the tape printing ink benzene substances through the skin of vegetables vegetables to the interior of the migration, the gum base portion of the plastic itself often contains a plasticizer.

We make a test on these kind of vegetables, results show that, contact with the tape of  some vegetables formaldehyde actually exceeded ten times. Therefore, the expert points out, long-term consumption of these fruits and vegetables, will produce toxic side effects of digestive system and liver and kidney function.

So when buying vegetables and fruits, it is suggested that not to buy the packing one or remove the one which contacted by this kind of tape. And we remmend you to use nitrate tester to test the food is safe or not before cooking them.

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