What Pesticides can Do to Farmers’s Crops

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Pesticides are chemicals that kill pests. Farmers often use pesticides on crops to kill unwanted pests, including insects and rodents, to prevent them from destroying crops. Farmers choose chemical pesticides to protect their crops because it is economical. The benefits from using pesticides, in terms of crop yield, outweigh the costs of using pesticides.

When the first synthetic chemical Pesticides was developed the pesticide in 1939. It was DDT. It proved effective against the Colorado potato beetle, an insect that was destroying crops across the United States and Europe. Then many farmers use synthetic chemical pesticides, organic farmers sometimes use naturally occurring chemical pesticides on crops to control pests.

Farmers always use chemical pesticides to protect their crops. Insects such as beetles and worms can easily infest and destroy crops. Rodents also cause damage to crops both while they are growing and in storage. But using pesticides allows farmers to kill the pests without destroying their crops. Using pesticides can help a farmer profitably produce a crop in an area where he otherwise could not or to extend a growing season.


Pesticide use can help to extend the shelf life of a food or maintain product quality. In some cases, pesticides can protect human health. That is the case with organisms on plants that can cause toxins in the plants. Among those potential toxins is ergot, a fungus that infects some grains and produces a toxin. When eaten in sufficient quantities the toxins cause ergot poisoning.

Farmers use pesticides because they act fast, quickly knocking out pests before the pests can destroy much of the crop. In addition, many pesticides are broad spectrum so they protect crops against more than one pest, which saves time and money. Using pesticides is also less labor intensive than the biological controls used by organic farmers such as crop rotation, companion planting, hedge rows between fields and not planting large amounts of unbroken acreage in any one crop or plant species.

But pesticides can help to protect crops and it may remain in the plants when farmers sell them to people, these pesticides is not easy to remove if farmers used it too much during the growth of crops. So it is quite important to choose the vegetables and fruits without pesticides or too much pesticides on them. Too much pesticides on food can lead to a bad healthy to our body. If you are not sure to tell which kinds of food are safe to eat, you can use Greentest nitrate detector to test it, it will shows you the pesticides(nitrate) level in quickly time and shows you it is under the safe control or not.

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