Which Fruits Baby Can Not Eat

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Proper feeding some fruits to baby will help the growth and development, but here we kindly remind everyone, and not all of the fruit baby can eat. Here we will show which kinds of fruits baby can not eat within 1 year old.




Pineapple contains a substance called protease. Some side effects on human skin, blood vessels, such as. Allergy eating will cause pineapple poisoning, known as “pineapple disease. Special disease is children with developmental delays, light fat not long singly, and walk too late, talk slow.


Mango is a hot fruit, easy to get angry, premature to eat easily cause allergies.


Watermelon is a cold food, if the baby in a short period of time eat more watermelon, cause dilution of gastric juice, and digestive function is not fully developed, there will be severe gastrointestinal disorders, cause vomiting, diarrhea that poison, dehydration and acid towel life-threatening. If the baby diarrhea, temporarily feeding watermelon or less feed.

And in some cases should not give the baby to eat watermelon: 1, in the early cold should Shensi. 2 children suffering from kidney disease induced by renal insufficiency; 3, the baby mouth long aphtha.


Although the oranges are rich in nutrition, but it contains erythrophyll. If you eat too many oranges, may cause “phylloerythrin dermatosis”, abdominal pain, diarrhea and even bone disease. Therefore, children eat orange cap is four medium size of oranges.

At last, when feeding our baby fruits, remind you that to test the fruits safety, as most of the fruits have pesticides and nitrate level are high, which are harmful to babys. You may need nitrate tester here

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